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4345 Hwy 33
West Bend, Wisconsin
Phone: 262-338-3684
User Reviews
  • By Cory Katsma (I visited this Dealer) on Mar 09, 2016

    I've been in this place a few times and it's been pretty disappointing each time. The wife and I were looking for a bike for her last year and the first "salesman" we talked to, didn't even own or currently ride a motorcycle?!? I'm not sure if that's a big deal to some people, but it seems kind ...

    Ended up going back a month or so later to look at a leftover bike and they tried the old bait n switch. They offered a really good price on a bike but when she went down to actually buy it, all of the sudden there were a bunch of doc fees, set up, freight. The bike was a leftover from about 2011 that got sent back to the manufacturer (often from a closed dealership) and re-distributed to a new dealer. Even after working out the extra fees, she was close to buying the bike, but they basically treated her like a 2nd class citizen (Women can't have motorcycles...sarcasm) and she waited around for over an hour while they tried to figure out financing. Keep in mind this was a Tuesday afternoon and probably every bank on earth was open and the store had little foot traffic. Before they looked for a lender they asked what rate she wanted, foolishly she said I'm not financing for more than 5%. Well, imagine that, after about and hour and a half they came back with a rate of 4.99%. I should also probably mention she was only financing about 3k and was putting 3k down, and we both have credit scores in the 750-760 range.

    She called me at home, i told her to leave immediately; as she was heading out the door, they seemed genuinely surprised that their garbage service had forced her to leave. It boggles my mind how places that treat customers so poorly stay in business?!? Anyway, we ended up going to Team Winnebagoland up in Oshkosh and got a better bike for a fair price, and they got her 2.5% financing on a Saturday. It's disappointing that we can't get decent service here in town, but if nothing else you can use Fuel as a place to try on apparel and buy from an online retailer.

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  • By Gary Scholfield (I am a Customer) on Feb 10, 2016

    Be prepared to be shocked when you see the dealer set-up, delivery, and documentation fees. These alone add nearly $850 to the cost of the unit. These fees are added to the cost of the unit, an you pay sales tax on this whole amount.

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