Romney Cycles

Rated #10 in West Virginia
292 East Main Street
Romney, West Virginia
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  • By James Staggs (I am a Customer) on Aug 07, 2013

    ok, here is my latest experience with them. I was looking for a UTV, I decided on a Kawasaki terryx, I first went to Romney cycles because I had previously purchased 3 atv's from them at the old place and was happy with my experiences there.

    I went to the new shop and was treated like gold, ...

    I asked since I had previously purchased 3 other atv's there what would that effect have on the price, none I was informed, they didn't do that. Even a few bucks off the price or a gun rack, or set of tie downs would have made a difference, but wasn't to be.

    Since Romney is the closest dealer I still went ahead and made the purchase, well from day one if I left it set 4 days without starting it, the battery went dead, I called them and told them it was obvious the battery had a dead cell in it, so they requested I bring it in, which I did, they charged the battery, said it was fine, and I picked it up, 4 days later the battery was dead, I called again and told them it needed a new battery, they informed me that they could not just give me a new battery, my response was "why not I paid for a good battery. 4 days after they charged the battery again and declared it ok, again it wouldn't start due to a low battery, I jumped it rode it a bit and the winch was trying to run constantly, called them again, they said they would pick it up and fix it, this was dec. I'd purchased it late oct. they called said it was ready so I went to pick it up, they informed me it was all fixed and it was a bad cellounoid on the winch, I said well it least its under warranty, no they said it wasn't but they replaced it with a non-warn cellunoid so it was half the price of a warn, that will be 46.00 please, so after announcing my displeasure I paid them and took it home, couple days later the winch was trying to run all the time again, service manager said they would pick it up and put a complete new winch on.......they replaced the pushbutton switch, and it was fixed except it still had a dead battery after 4 days, they milked it till the warranty was out, and I just recently purchased a new battery and can leave it set for weeks with no problems. I will assure you, my shadow will never darken the door of Romney cycles again. I've spent 23K with that dealership and that's the service they provide, no thanks

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