Valley Motorsports

Rated #18 in Massachusetts
216 N King St
Northampton, Massachusetts
User Reviews
  • By Ron Pidgeon (I am a Customer) on Jul 26, 2015

    I brought my bike to Valley Motorsports to find out why code 37 came up. I was told they think it's the linear control valve, but there is no way to test it to see for sure. They said they could block off the valve and I would have to stay on the throttle until it warms up. I stated directly and ...

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  • By Ken Scully (I visited this Dealer) on Jul 02, 2014

    I really should thank the owner of VM for discouraging me from buying anything from him, because if it were not for his attitude I would be riding one of his Hondas (for which I had the cash in my pocket) instead of my new Harley Davidson Road King. Thanks, hope you continue to win people over with ...

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  • By Jason (I am a Customer) on Sep 16, 2013

    STAY AWAY FROM RONNIE'S! They are horrible to deal with. Had bought a new bike there and had issues with it. Blow me off multiple times and I still have warranty. Finally did look at it. Said nothing's wrong. So I PAID another shop and they found more than one issue. Very bad to deal with unless ...

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  • By Mike (I am a Customer) on Jul 13, 2012

    I would encourage all riders to avoid this place! They don't deserve the business!

    I was riding through the area the other day and got a flat tire -picked up a 3" nail in the rear tire. I called someone to get me the name of any nearby motorcycle shops.

    They found Vally Motorsports ...

    I called up the service department; told them I had a flat and I was only a few miles away. I asked if they had a pickup service and to get the flat repaired. Immediately, the attitude started. They don't have a pickup service; I'd have to "check the yellow pages" for a towing service. Yellow pages; seriously? -I knew I forgot to pack something. Told the guy, politely, I didn't have a phone book; so he ratted off a couple of names of towing companies -then told me he didn't have the phone numbers; I should call "411" and find them myself -what an *ss. After this, he then tells me, when I get the bike there, I'll have to leave it for maybe a few days. Even after I explained to him that I was 75+miles from home, his response was, "I guess you should find a ride home. We're too busy; I've got people that have been waiting weeks for service". What an *ss. I can fully appreciate people "in line ahead of me" for service, but seriously, you can't help out a guy stuck on the side of the road with a flat?

    What a crappy attitude! I encourage all bikers to avoid this place!! They clearly don't respect riders in need!

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