How Do ATV Beadlocks Work? + Video
How do ATV beadlocks work? This is the question we tackled on this week's episode of our "You Asked, We Answered" video series.
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STI Unveils New HD5 Beadlock Wheels

STI Tire & Wheel has introduced its newest creation – the HD5 Beadlock wheels.

“With striking new style and beefed up beadlock hardware, the new HD5 Beadlock wheels from STI Tire & Wheel combine aggressive appeal with proven performance to fit the needs of today’s large-bore UTVs,” STI says in a release.

STI says the HD5 Beadlock wheels feature a 5+2 offset for optimized handling, as well as to help 50-inch wide UTVs maintain their trail stance. Beadlock rings are secured with larger, reinforced hardware for improved beadlock security.

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