Moose Releases New Hand Warmers and Brake Caliper Pins

Moose has been busy introducing new ATV and UTV products in recent weeks, including a new set of Pursuit Handwarmers and Brake Caliper Pins.

Pursuit Handwarmers

Cold-weather riders will appreciate the new Pursuit Handwarmers from NRA by Moose Utility Division. These water-resistant handwarmers are made from a rugged 600 dernier nylon and are designed to block water from penetrating the gloves. The handwarmers also feature built-in pockets for warming packets, in case you need added warmth. With three different colors to choose from and priced from $28.95, the Pursuit Handwarmers are an inexpensive option to staying warm while tackling the trails.

Pursuit Handwarmers Product Information
600 dernier nylon
Built-in pockets for warmer packets (packets not included)
Easily cleans up with a damp cloth
Overall dimensions: 16” W x 14” L
Part Number (Black): 0635-0813
Part Number (Mossy Oak): 0635-0814
Part Number (RealTree): 0635-0872
$28.95 (Black), $31.95 (Mossy Oak and RealTree)

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