Soft Ground Swallows ATVs + Video
Carrying your momentum across a mud puddle or a stream is one thing but a mud bog like this is a heck of a lot harder to cross.
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Nude ATVer Arrested in Saskatchewan

We’re not quite sure what it is about ATVs, nudity, and Canada, but we’ve seen our second story in three months that involves all three.

It seems a man in a small town in rural Saskatchewan ran naked in front of a woman operating a road grader at a work site. He returned a short time later riding an ATV and wearing only a helmet and proceeded to ride circles around the unimpressed woman.

The man was later arrested for his stupidity…but at least he was bright enough to wear a helmet. We’re guessing when he goes ATVing with his friends in the future they won’t be too eager to borrow his ride. We don’t care how much you wash it…that seat is now a bio-hazard.

The best part about this strange story are the comments it received. Glad to see our neighbors to the north have a good sense of humor.

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Woman Bares Breasts to Fight ATV Noise
It’s not often we get to talk about breasts on, but we’re willing to go the extra mile to keep you informed about all things ATV. This st…
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Muddy Spring ATV Ride in Alberta [video]

One of the things I like most about YouTube are the ride videos people put together. Admittedly most aren’t very well produced (too long!), but you can usually find a few good ones.

I found this one (posted May 5, 2010) about an ATV ride on some private property in Baytree, Alberta (Canada) that was shot in April as the snow was still melting.

Anybody who’d ever ridden in the early spring knows it can be messy, and this video shows ATVers having plenty of fun in the mud and some deep water. Check it out after the jump.

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