We’re not quite sure what it is about ATVs, nudity, and Canada, but we’ve seen our second story in three months that involves all three.

It seems a man in a small town in rural Saskatchewan ran naked in front of a woman operating a road grader at a work site. He returned a short time later riding an ATV and wearing only a helmet and proceeded to ride circles around the unimpressed woman.

The man was later arrested for his stupidity…but at least he was bright enough to wear a helmet. We’re guessing when he goes ATVing with his friends in the future they won’t be too eager to borrow his ride. We don’t care how much you wash it…that seat is now a bio-hazard.

The best part about this strange story are the comments it received. Glad to see our neighbors to the north have a good sense of humor.

This incident comes less than three months after we wrote about a Canadian woman who was tired of hearing a five-year-old kid tear around on his ATV near her house. She solved the problem by flashing her breasts at the youngster, who was promptly ushered indoors by his horrified grandparents. You can click here to read that sordid tale.



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1 Comment

Douglas G.P.McCarty says:

No big deal, me and most of my friends go ATV riding nude as well as nude horse back riding .What’s all the fuss about? We have nude beaches,nude resorts.We are just normal people doing normal things.

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