This Guy Tried to Tame the Beast and Failed + Video
This guy might want to consider getting some seat time on a mechanical bull before he climbs back aboard this ATV. He's not quite ready to tame the beast.
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The Real Reason Rental ATVs Are Always so Beat Up + Video
If you've ever traveled abroad and rented an ATV, chance are pretty good the machine you got has had a rough life. This is why.
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How to Deal With an ATV or UTV Accident
What to do if you get in an accident or come across one on the trail A subject that could affect every off-road rider is what to do if you have an accident o…
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"Boat Ramp" Hill Climb Eats RZRs Alive + Video
Mind the big rocks! Somewhere, someone got the wild idea to turn an inclined creek bed into a hillclimb. Adding to the difficulty, a large section of slick r…
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Polaris RZR Rides a Natural Terrain Quarter Pipe
Is this what retired skaters do when they hang up the skateboard? We’ve seen some cross pollination in the powersports world over the years like dirt b…
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Don't Try This at Home: Muddy Crash [video]

Sometimes you come across a video and you just don’t know what to say. This is one of those times, but I’ll do my best to string a few words together before the video – available after the jump.

It all starts out well enough. A group of friends is riding ATVs and one of them decides to either jump over or jump into a mud pit on his ATV. Of course, our hero is wearing ideal protection, highlighted by a hoodie and a ball cap. Clearly he’s thought this through.

As you might expect, things don’t go quite according to plan and the rider flies over the handlebars and into the murky depths. He’s pulled out relatively unscathed and manages to find his beloved cap. It’s only after the jump (awesome slow-mo replay included) that we learn the pilot broke his collarbone a few weeks prior playing football. Hopefully this accident won’t affect his ability to continue his work as a neurosurgeon.

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Derek Guetter Crashes During Backflip [video]

ATV freestyler Derek Guetter makes his living pulling off tricks on his ATV that most of us wouldn’t even consider. We showed you his first successful backflip on at ATV in a previous post. Unfortunately, we now have to show you his first unsuccessful backflip.

Guetter was in Indianapolis for the Nuclear Cowboyz tour when things didn’t go quite as planned. Guetter was getting the crowd amped up with a variety of tricks before he planned to wow them with his signature backflip. This time, however, Guetter came up short on the landing and crashed. Check out the video after the jump.

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More ATVs on Ice [video]

Helping prove that ATV riding is a four-season sport, even in the North, we stumbled across a YouTube gem from February 5 (available after the jump) that shows a group of riders having a blast riding in Pennsylvania in the middle of winter.

Much of the video revolves around a Yamaha Grizzly 700 and a Can-Am Renegade trying to fight up an icy hill – mostly without success. The unfortunate Renegade rider heaps some abuse on his ATV as he smacks it into the back of two different machines when tries to make the slippery climb.

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