Top 10 Spring ATV Maintenance Tips
Before you take your ATV or UTV out for the first time this spring, we've got some tips that will have your machine running smooth all season.
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Polaris Unveils New Line of Fuel Additives

Polaris has just introduced a new line of fuel additives designed to protect your ATV from modern Ethanol blended fuels.

According to Polaris, it is critical to treat the fuel used in vehicles that see limited or intermittent use (like many ATVs) with a fuel stabilizer and carbon clean.

“Polaris Fuel Stabilizer and Carbon Clean are designed and tested by the engineers at Polaris Industries to address the negative effects of today’s fuels as well as prevent fuel degradation in all Polaris vehicles,” Polaris says in a release.

Fuel Stabilizer- Ethanol-blended fuels such as E10 are more likely to contain water and can start to go bad as soon as they enter your fuel tank. With vehicles that see limited or intermittent use the moisture content in fuel can surpass the fuel’s ability to hold the water. When this happens, water will separate and pool in the lowest parts of the fuel system resulting in problems such as hard starting, no starting and corrosion. Polaris Fuel Stabilizer addresses the negative aspects of this process known as phase separation. In short, Polaris says using its Fuel Stabilizer is an inexpensive way to protect your Polaris vehicles.

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