Squeaky Suspension

With the warmer temperatures coming and the trails finally opening up for the spring riding season, everyone is ready to get the old faithful ATV out and clean it up before the first ride. Cleaning is a good start, but we should look a little deeper into the machine itself and see what it may need before you flip that key switch and bolt off down the trails. After all , it could be the difference between a great day of riding with your buddies and one you’ll want to forget!

Following these suggestions will hopefully get your ATV or UTV back on the trail and running reliably for many rides this spring, summer, and fall. If you ignore them, we don’t want to hear you whining when it breaks down!



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Glen says:

Your “Top Ten Spring ATV Maintenance Tips” is exactly the kind of information I like to see on an ATV website.  More of this please!  Good work. 

Matt says:

No mention of tires? Air pressure, and if they are leaking fix them with the best new sealant
made by TireJect that’s made with Kevlar and doesn’t cause problems like the green slime. It will also fix bead leaks and keep tires from going flat for a year or more.