While you’ve hopefully accrued many happy memories with your ATV or Side-by-Side over the years, you’ll likely have to sell it at some point to move on to your next four-wheeled friend.

If you apply a little elbow grease and really think about what you would want to see if you were the shopper, you’ll have a better chance to move your ATV quickly.

To help you out, we have come up with 10 quick tips that could mean the difference between selling at asking price or walking away feeling ripped off.



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LR says:

Great story. I just considered buying an additional used quad, but bought new instead. I would add: if there are any parts of your bike you don’t think are up to snuff, have them identified by competent dealer, and if you don’t get them fixed, immediately point them out to the prospective buyer. I looked at a used Rincon that didn’t shift right. Owner knew it, but didnt know what the problem was and I wasn’t going to find out after I purchased it. If the prospective buyer wants to have a dealer/repair facility give it the once over, oblige them. Refusing will make the buyer think you have something to hide. Bottom Line Up Front: Be truthful in everything related to your sale.