While working on an ATV or UTV can be rewarding, it can often be frustrating if you do not have the proper tools. Trying to throw a wrench at something does ease your mind’s frustration, but it may not be exactly the right tool for the job. Having spent a large portion of my life working on my own off-road rides, I have found some ATV tools that are life savers… even though they may only get used a few times in their life span.

When you look at topics in the wild and ever-expanding world of social media specialty pages, you will find all kinds of problems that people are facing with their machines. I have to say that most of these issues are self-induced and then passed off on the manufacturer as a “why isn’t this built better” or some other excuse to their own negligence. One of the major problems faced is electrical issues.

LOADpro TestLeads

If you take a mechanically engineered piece of equipment and drop it under water, never clean it and then drop it in the nastiest mud you can find and again never clean it, you are bound to have electrical issues. If you are that kind of ATV or UTV owner, then you will need our first tool fairly quickly to help solve the many electrical issues you will eventually face. First on our list of ATV tools you should have in your toolbox is the LOADpro Dynamic Test lead. These specialized test leads will work with many typical digital multimeters to help you locate issues due to problem wiring. Whether you are searching for a short or open circuit, the LOADpro is a key tool to have. This tool also simplifies the process of finding high resistance in wiring for those who may not expertly understand the Ohm’s function on their meter.

The key to the tool is the pen-style handheld device that adds 0.5 amps load to the circuit when the button on this tool is pressed. This gives you instant readings on your multimeter to properly and quickly diagnose those pesky power gremlins. High resistance is a common problem when you deal with water- logged ATV/UTV electronics and is a result of wire that has had higher than normal amp draws for a period of time. High resistance can also be attributed to corrosion from exposed portions of wire or consistent exposure to wet conditions. This degrades the copper wire and the wire then cannot properly deliver the power for the device it is supplying. You can use this tool to test accessories like lights, fans, switches, as well as relays etc. The LOADpro Dynamic test leads are a must have and at an average of $65-$75, it is an affordable solution to your electrical problems and one of the ATV tools every enthusiast should have on hand.

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Dewalt Impact Driver

Another addition to our list of ATV tools worth keeping your garage is the Dewalt ½ lithium battery powered impact driver. This handy tool not only has the grunt to loosen stubborn nuts and bolts, but can double as a “road trip” lug remover for your tow rig. The advancements in lithium battery power and especially Dewalt tools gives the average garage mechanic the ability to do more jobs at home. The battery life is incredible, and the best part is that many other tools in the Dewalt family use the same battery, so you have a spare if you need it somewhere else. There are two different types of these ½ impact drivers from Dewalt and the difference being the battery capacity as well as the amount of torque these will effectively apply. Torque is a key factor in the ATV/UTV world as you need to be aware of just how much power you need in your situation. Most will find the 18-20vlt tool to be enough for almost all situations at a reasonable 400 lbs-ft of available torque. The detent pin anvil gives the bump needed to loosen stubborn lug nuts and bolts easily and I find the tool lends itself to many different jobs, so it does earn its keep in the toolbox.

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Pittsburg Torque limiters

If you do have the Dewalt Lithium battery powered ½ impact driver listed above, (or any other for that matter) you might want to consider this one accessory for it – the Harbor Freight brand Pittsburgh torque limiting extension set. This compact set of torque limiting extensions keeps you from ringing off the 10mm or even 12mm lugs out of the wheel hub. I know you love to hear the “Uga Dugas” just pounding away at the little lug that holds your wheel on, but for heaven’s sake, just don’t do it. This kit gives you torque tools from 75 lbs-ft all the way to 150 lbs-ft, so there is a wide range of jobs that can be completed with this accessory to the garage. Each of these extensions are color coded for easy reference once you use them a few times. The kit comes in a hard-plastic case as well, so you are not trying to keep up with where you left your most used extension. This set can be purchased for about $59 and is a smart addition to your collection of ATV tools.

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Torque Angle Tool

The final addition to our list of ATV tools all of you should have in the shop is a specialty item that more advanced garage mechanics will at some point need. If you tear into the latest power plants in our ATV or UTV world, then chances are your service manual will instruct you on torque to yield or torque to angle ratings. After rebuilding the top end of our “Sunken Wolverine” we noted that advancements in ATV/UTV head bolts would change the landscape in the toolbox. You shouldn’t simply reuse the old head bolts, as some still do, because these bolts stretch when torqued properly and do not retract to their once new form, causing them to be ineffective. You need to replace the cylinder head fasteners to properly rebuild any engine that uses torque to yield fasteners to be sure it gets back together correctly. Using torque to yield fasteners is becoming even more popular and you will need a torque to yield or angle adaptor tool to use in line with your torque wrench. This simple tool attaches to the torque wrench and simply gives you a proper angle to determine where the yield point is when the final torque is achieved.

The shop manual might give you multiple steps that include pre-torque and then loosen 360 degrees and then re-torque to a specified rate as well as a certain angle. This is where the torque to yield tool will be used. This tool can be relatively inexpensive, or the more elaborate versions can cost hundreds of dollars. The one I use most often was less than twenty dollars at the local auto parts store.

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