An ATV snow plow will make your winter a lot more bearable

Winter might mean the end of riding season for some, but if you happen to have an ATV snow plow system, you can still get out and have fun while you work.

No matter how hard we try to fight it, winter arrives every year and we have to deal with it. With winter, comes snow, that frozen precipitation that looks pretty in pictures and covers the landscape with a blanket of fresh, clean something-or-other. I could wax poetic for a while about how pretty the snow is, but when it’s piling up in my driveway I’ve got to take care of it before I got to work in the morning just like everyone else. It’s time to put that expensive four-wheeler to work and hitch up the ATV snow plow.

Using a 4 wheeler snow plow is actually fun. I’m serious! Try it once and you’ll actually look forward to it. For one, it’s efficient. An ATV or UTV will push a lot of snow and do so in a short amount of time. I’ve pushed wet, heavy snow with a Honda Rubicon 500 and was able to push more snow faster than a tractor doing the same task.

There are a lot of different ATV snow plow systems on the market right now. All of them will do the same basic job, but some are better than others, depending on what you want from your 4 wheeler snow plow, or what you want to spend. We have rounded up some of the best snow plows available for your ATV.

Kolpin Switchblade

Kolpin Switchblade Plow: Cheap UTV Accessories

One frustration some people have with ATV snow plow systems is that they have to buy the blade, frame and mount all separate, and the costs escalate. Kolpin eliminates that concern with the Switchblade. The Switchblade system is an adjustable-width blade that can be set to fit your machine best. The frame and a universal mount are included, making the plow fit just about any ATV on the market. The only piece not included is a winch. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of those. Kolpin makes some very good winches are extremely reasonable prices, too. The blade is adjustable with five different positions for clearing your driveway and the whole thing assembles in under an hour. It is the best system we’ve tested for getting everything needed in one, simple step and for less than $400.

Warn ProVantage

Warn ProVantage

There is a reason most of the OEMs use the Warn ProVantage ATV snow plow system as the factory accessory plow – It works extremely well and is very high quality. You buy the blade, frame and mount separately, and it works best with a Warn winch. We tested this system on a Honda Rubicon and it was slick. The mounting plate gives the engine a hefty skid plate and uses the machine’s frame for structural support, meaning the whole machine supplies the support to push snow. That might be why we were able to outperform a tractor when it came time to clear a driveway. The plow blade will fall back if overloaded and the finish is durable, taking several winters of hard use and still looking fresh and new.

Black Boar Scrape Blade

Black Boar Back Blade

While mostly used for landscaping and foodplot stuff, a back blade can be pretty handy for snow removal; especially when clearing out walk ways near a house or door. This sturdy, steel blade requires a mounting bar that can also work other implements.  It gives you good options for clearing the snow off your walkway and helps the budget by being very reasonably priced. The blade setup costs under $150.

Extreme Max UniPlow

Extreme Max UniPlow

This is a very simple, straightforward ATV snow plow system with the blade, frame and a universal mount all in one kit. The mount may not fit every machine on the market, but this system can be used on multiple machines. They even have extra mounts available to let you switch machines easier. It comes with a 50-inch blade. The frame allows for angle adjustment in the blade. A winch is required for lifting the blade, but this system also has a quick release, so you can drop the blade off to use your ATV. The best part is the price – You can pick one up for around $320.

KFI Sno-Devil

KFI Sno-Devil ATV Plow

The KFI Sno-Devil is a 48-inch 4 wheeler snow plow that is designed to work with about 90% of all ATVs on the market. The Sno-Devil pushes snow straight ahead or to the sides up to 25 degrees. KFI engineers built the Sno-Devil as a lower-mount system that is designed to transfer the forces of the plow to the strongest part of your ATV – the frame. All components of the Sno-Devil are powder coated, so they should stand up to many winters worth of plow duty. The Sno-Devil connects to your machine using KFI’s hybrid mount system, which mounts to the frame behind the wheels. You will require a winch for lifting the plow, which you can find right here.

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