CFMOTO Launches CFORCE 800 Touring, CFORCE 1000 Touring Models In US

Zac Kurylyk
by Zac Kurylyk

CFMOTO continues its aggressive expansion into the US market with the new CFORCE 800 Touring and CFORCE 1000 Touring models, launched today at AIMExpo in Las Vegas.

Both ATVs use an all-new liquid-cooled SOHC V-twin engine with four-valve heads and ride-by-wire throttle. The 800 makes 75 hp at 7,500 rpm, while its bigger brother makes 90 hp at 7,500 rpm. To help you harness that muscle, CFMOTO has programmed work and sport modes into these bikes as well as a standard-power engine mode.

Both of the new CFORCE models also get new CVT gearboxes. A Dynamic Downhill Assist feature makes sketchy declines easier, while electronic power steering makes it easier to wrestle these big-bore ATVs around through the tight woods (dry weight is 959 lb for the 800, 963 lb for the 1000).

CFMOTO knows you don't always need to be putting power to the ground with all four wheels, wearing out drivetrain components and wasting fuel, so these new machines come with 2x4, 4x4 and 4x4 Lock drive options. Wheelbase for both models is 58 inches.

Wheel travel is 9 inches front and aft for both machines, and both ATVs come with 14-inch aluminum wheels. However, the 800 has smaller 26-inch tires, while the 1000 comes with 27-inch tires. That means the 800 has about a half-inch less ground clearance than the 12 inches on the 1000 model. The 1000 also comes with swanky fully-adjustable gas shocks at all four corners, while the 800 has coil preload-adjustable shocks. The front suspension uses an independent high-clearance A-arm design, while the rear has an independent trailing arm setup, allowing for maximum comfort on the trails and more usability when the terrain turns tough.

Both models have a 3,500-lb winch with synthetic rope, for getting yourself (or your buddies) out of a tight spot. A 2-inch hitch receiver is standard, and the front and rear racks have weight capacity of 99 lb and 198 lb respectively. A passenger seat is included from the factory.

Both ATVs have an aluminum skid plate, with heavy duty bash plates installed over important parts and steel bumpers front and back. The 800 and 1000 models get handguards as well, which appear to be basic plastic units.

Both machines also have a 7-inch TFT dash, with USB and 12V accessory charging plugs. The dash connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth, offering Apple CarPlay. LED lights come standard, including daytime running lights.

The CFORCE 1000 Touring model sees MSRP start at $9,999 in the US ($10,349 for the Camo model). The CFORCE 800 Touring comes in at a $9,299 MSRP, or $9,649 for the Camo model. Those prices include a one-year warranty, but no freight/PDI/taxes.

Zac Kurylyk
Zac Kurylyk

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