Any off-road rider who isn’t afraid of a little cold has felt the pain of frozen fingers. To help protect your digits, we’ve put together a list of five of the best cold-weather riding gloves.

As I write this, I’m sitting in northern Utah getting ready to go test drive a new UTV up in the snow-covered mountains. This isn’t my first rodeo, so I’m fully prepared for some cold. One thing that often gets overlooked in riding gear, especially for cold weather, is the type of gloves you wear. We all like to wear riding-specific gloves for the protection and grip they provide. The drawback can be ventilation.

Most riding gloves are motocross-based, so the things that keep them comfortable for the track often don’t do squat for keeping your hands warm when the mercury drops. Here are some of the best cold weather riding gloves that will let you have an enjoyable ride in the snow and cold, while still having adequate protection from things along the trail.

Fly Racing 907 Gloves

Fly Racing 907 Gloves: Best Cold Weather Riding Gloves

Like most of the cold weather riding gloves mentioned here, the Fly 907 is an MX-based glove designed for cold and wet conditions. It has the synthetic palm with reinforced areas for grip and blister relief. The back of the glove is made from dense neoprene, which has excellent insulating properties as well as being waterproof. 907 is the area code for all of Alaska, so any glove that might be indirectly associated with that state is going to have to handle some fierce weather.

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Klim Inversion

Klim Inversion: Best Cold Weather Riding Gloves

You’d expect Klim to make some seriously awesome gloves for cold weather, and it does not disappoint. The Inversion gloves have a GORE Windstopper outer shell that keeps just about everything out. They also have two forms of Thinsulate insulation, with 60 grams on the back of the glove, and siliconized insulation through the grip and fingers. These gloves are extremely light, warm and comfortable with no bulky winter-glove feel.

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Atomic Glove Heated Liners

Atomic Glove Heated Liners: Best Cold Weather Riding Gloves

If you’re riding in extreme cold and for long periods of time, there is a solution to avoid ever having cold hands. The Atomic Glove liners are a thin, heated glove liner you wear under your riding gloves. These gloves work by Atomic Skin Carbon Nano-Core elements that conduct warmth to your hand by emitting far infrared (FIR) wave length technology. The elements are flexible and durable. You have a temperature control to set how warm you want the gloves, too. These are pricey, but if you’re out in it all day long, that price gets easier to deal with.

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Fox Forge

Fox Forge: Best Cold Weather Riding Gloves

Serious off-roaders see the weather turning and simply forge ahead. We’re not going to let the cold dampen our enthusiasm to ride. Fox has a glove for that too. The Forge takes a moto-styled glove and adds a waterproof/windproof membrane to keep you dry. They then add a polyfil/tricot layer of insulation to help keep you warm. The end result is a sweet cold weather riding glove that has the great fit of a Fox glove with the added warmth you need.

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100% Brisker

100% Brisker: Best Cold Weather Riding Gloves

These cold weather riding gloves from 100% look like a simple, lightly-insulated riding gloves. They are that, but with a few added features that make them pretty slick. The back of the glove is lightly-insulated softshell fabric. The inside of the glove is lined with moisture-wicking material to keep you dry. The coolest feature is the tech-thread fingers that let you operate your smartphone without having to take the glove off. This is great if you’re using your phone to navigate, or you need to stop trailside to call home.

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