The Best Kept Dirty Little Secret Is Out, Why It's Time You Checked Out CFMOTO ATVs and UTVs and SXS's

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Feature-packed machines at base model prices

Are you tired of giving up the features you want on that new ATV or UTV because they’re just too expensive? CFMOTO USA is trying to change all that.

When you are shopping for a new machine, you have more choice than ever before. You can choose from a wide array of brands, vehicle styles, engine sizes, and a host of accessories. You also need to decide which features you need and which ones you can afford. While we’d all like to take home the model with the upgraded shocks, the winch and every other high end feature available, that comes with a significant cost increase…at least it does with most manufacturers. CFMOTO lets you have your cake and eat it too.


Based in Plymouth, Minn., CFMOTO USA has been producing ATVs, Side-by-Side vehicles, motorcycles and scooters for American customers since 2002. You can find CFMOTO vehicles at more than 310 dealers across the country.

From it’s Hangzhou, China headquarters, CFMOTO produces some 300,000 vehicles per year for more than 70 countries. While the vehicle production is handled in China, the 50,000-square-foot Plymouth, Minn. facility houses more than $4 million in parts. CFMOTO boasts it can get parts to any of its dealers in less than two days.

What Makes CFMOTO USA Different?

One of the guiding principles behind CFMOTO USA ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles is that customers shouldn’t have to miss out of the features they are looking for because the price tag is too high.

“We offer feature-packed machines so customers don’t have to compromise on things because of price,” CFMOTO USA tells

The goal is to offer these loaded machines for the same price as you can get a base model option from their competitors.

Let’s take the CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 as an example. Not only does it have expected features like a 963cc V-Twin engine that produces 79 horsepower, 62 lb-ft of torque, 1000-pound rear cargo dump box, drive-by-wire electronic throttle, and 2000-pound towing capacity, but it also comes standard with a 3,500-pound winch with wireless remote, electronic power steering, mirrors, LED headlights and taillights, roof, and 14-inch cast aluminum wheels. And this isn’t a Special Edition model – this is the standard model and it carries an MSRP of just $13,499.

While having all of these premium features come standard is great, CFMOTO also stands above the crowd with its warranty. Though there are exceptions, the industry standard warranty for off-road vehicles is six months. CFMOTO ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles all come with a standard one-year warranty…that’s twice as much peace of mind as most of the other manufacturers can offer.

Packing every model full with premium features means CFMOTO’s lineup of off-road vehicles is pretty compact. For the most part, there is just one vehicle per class per engine size, as there is no need to have a base model, Special Edition model and Limited Edition model when all the features come standard. Let’s take a look at the complete CFMOTO USA family of ATVs and Side-by-Sides.


CFMOTO USA has four CFORCE ATVs in its lineup – the CFORCE 400, 500S, 600 and 800 XC.

The CFORCE 400 ($4,299) features a 398cc single-cylinder engine that produces 31 horsepower and 24 lb-ft of torque, 10.8 inches of ground clearance, 620 pounds of towing capacity, 2-inch receiver hitch, 2WD/4WD thumb control with 4WD differential lock, and front and rear double A-arm independent suspension.

The CFORCE 500S ($5,299) offers up a 495cc single-cylinder engine that churns out 38 horsepower and 32 lb-ft of torque. It also features 873 pounds of towing capacity, 12-inch cast aluminum wheels, 2,500-pound winch, LED running lights, and electronic power steering.

Step up to the CFORCE 600 ($6,299) and get all the benefits of the 500, along with a single-cylinder 580cc engine that produces 41 horsepower and 32 lb-ft of torque, CVTech transmission with engine braking, and USB & DC power outlet.

Finally, the CFORCE 800 XC ($8,499) boasts an 800cc V-Twin engine that produces 65 horsepower and 53 lb-ft of torque, CVTech transmission, independent trailing arm rear suspension, 11 inches of ground clearance, LED projector beam headlights, and 3,000-pound winch.


CFMOTO’s family of UFORCE Utility UTVs is made up of three models – the UFORCE 500, 800 and 1000.

The UFORCE 500 ($8,999) is powered by a 495cc single-cylinder engine that pumps out 38 horsepower. It features high performance CVTech drive and driven clutches, dumping cargo box with 600 pounds of capacity and nitrogen gas spring assist lift, safety doors, 14-inch aluminum wheels, self-draining vinyl seats, 3,000-pound winch, LED projector beam headlights, 2-inch receiver hitch and 1,025 pounds of towing capacity.

Upgrade to the UFORCE 800 ($10,999) and get a larger 800cc V-Twin engine that produces 62 horsepower. It shares all the features of the UFORCE 500 along with electronic power steering, 14-inch aluminum wheels, and 3,500-pound winch.

The flagship of the Utility UTV family is the UFORCE 1000 ($13,499), which we talked about earlier.


For those who are looking for a little more fun off-road, CFMOTO’s ZFORCE line of Sport SXS’s consists of four models – the ZFORCE 500 Trail, 800 Trail, 800 EX, and 1000.

Compact and built for 50-inch trails, the ZFORCE 500 Trail ($8,999) relies on a 495cc single-cylinder engine that offers up 38 horsepower. Standard features include a high-performance CVTech drive and driven clutches, front and rear stainless steel bumpers, 14-inch aluminum wheels, compression and rebound adjustable shocks, 3,000-pound winch, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and 11.2 inches of ground clearance.

The ZFORCE 800 Trail ($10,999) is also designed for 50-inch trails and boasts an 800cc V-Twin engine that produces 62 horsepower. Along with the ZFORCE 500 features, the 800 Trail also includes safety doors, electronic power steering, and premium adjustable coil-over nitrogen gas shocks.

While the ZFORCE 800 EX shares the same engine as the 800 Trail, it has a wider 60-inch stance and features CST performance tires and 11.8 inches of ground clearance.

Anchoring CFMOTO’s Sport UTV lineup is the ZFORCE 1000 ($13,999), which boasts a 963cc V-Twin engine that pumps out an impressive 79 horsepower and 60 lb-ft of torque. It shares many of the features of its ZFORCE brothers, along with 2WD/4WD/front differential lock, and custom sewn seats.

If you are interested in learning more or taking a CFMOTO ATV or Side-by-Side out for a test ride, reach out to one of CFMOTO’s 310+ American dealers.

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