See and Be Seen After Dark with Moose Lighting Options

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Unlike most members of the deer family, moose aren’t known for being very nocturnal. However, you can be with proper lighting options from Moose Utility Division. The company is well known for making high-quality parts and accessories for your UTV and ATV, and it has some sweet lighting options to help you see the trail at night and be seen by others.

One of the key things outdoor enthusiasts know about using lights in the dark is that it can affect your night vision. One of the secrets many use is going green. Our eyes are more receptive to green light than red light. Lights with green bulbs allow people to see further and better without affecting night vision, like normal white light will. They also don’t spook animals. Green light also allows for better contrast. Many hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts use ATVs and UTVs these days, and now Moose Utility Division has single-row green LED light bars and pods to give you superior night vision. 

The Moose Utility green LED lights come in a single-row 8-inch light bar, or a pair of 4-inch stacked light pods. These lights use a 6,000K white Philips-built CREE chipset with 5-watt LEDs that have a 50,000+ hour life expectancy. Moose built these lights to be tough with an IP67 waterproof rating that uses a military-style breather for outstanding moisture control. These spot/flood lights use a tough, extruded aluminum frame with automotive-grade epoxy sealant. The Moose lights have a scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with 5D magnifying glass for optimal light efficiency. The kit includes the lights, mounting brackets, stainless hardware, a deluxe wiring harness with DT sealer connectors, relay, fuse, ring terminals, and lighted knock-out style in-dash rocker switch. Not only are these lights very useful, but they also look pretty cool, too. Your buddies will be green with envy.

Sometimes what you need is a brightly lit trail, and Moose Utility has you covered with its Black Out Series of LED light bars. Available in 7-, 13-, 21-, 30-, and 40-inch bars, as well as three-inch square pods, these lights use Osram LED chips for optimal efficiency with 6000k bright white light output. What sets these light bars apart is how well they blend in with your machine’s appearance. The Moose Utility Blackout series has a smooth, low-profile appearance with no exposed fasteners on the surface. You can hit the mud and brave the elements thanks to the IP67 waterproof rating with a military-style breather to control moisture.

The Moose Black Out light bars use an indirect light pattern, which helps better illuminate the trail ahead and to the sides as you drive. Adding to the versatility is a combo beam that provides spotlight performance as well as a flood light on each end of the light bar. This gives you a deeper penetrating beam, as well as a wider swath of light. The result is more confidence for you while on a night ride. Each light comes with an installation kit that includes end mounts and sliding adjustable mounts, a wiring harness, and an in-dash backlit rocker switch with DT connectors.

If you’ve ever watched a UTV race in the desert, you know that at night, they use a lot of forward-facing lights to illuminate the course, as well as a specially designed light in the rear to allow fellow racers, chase teams, and course officials to track the vehicle’s location. Using a chase light bar is a great idea for those who spend a lot of time on night rides on popular trails, as well as in poor visibility conditions. For example, if you use your UTV to plow snow, you definitely want to be seen, and a chase light can make that happen. 

Moose Utility makes a 24-inch LED Chase Lightbar that will make sure others know your location, keeping you safe on the trail, race course, or work site. The chase light uses a combination of red LEDS and strobing amber-color LEDS that can be used in three different strobing patterns so you can set it up how you want it. The chase lights will stay on your strobe setting after powering off, too. This sweet chase light uses the same construction as other Moose Utility Division LED light bars, and comes with all the needed mounting hardware, including a knock-out switch for your dash that has a factory look.

No matter what type of illumination you need to bring to your machine, Moose Utility Division has you covered with durable, high-performance lighting options. It’s exactly what you would expect from Moose, a leader in off-road performance.

NOTE: This is sponsored content produced in partnership with Moose Utility Division.

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