Are Kawasaki IKON, OXON and Ridge ATVs and UTVs Coming? Staff
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Kawasaki trademarks three potential ATV or UTV names

Our resident trademark and patent newshound recently dug up some goodies from Kawasaki. Team Green has filed for trademark applications for three different ATV or Side-by-Side vehicle/part names – IKON, OXON and Ridge.

Beyond the fact that all three names were registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), we don’t have a whole lot of other information to pass on. These all could be upcoming vehicles, or the names may never see the light of day beyond this article. However, the IKON trademark application does include a logo, which in our experience suggests it is closer to being announced to the public.

Kawasaki IKON Logo

While we don’t have any further information than the three trademarked names and the logo, it we do have some (entirely baseless) theories on what these future vehicles might end up being. So it’s time for our favorite game we like to play when we have very limited information.

Wild Speculation!

The Kawasaki IKON gives us the most information of the three, so let’s start there. What stands out to us is the lower case “i” in the iKON logo. It’s just a guess, but that seems to hint at some new technology – perhaps an electric motor? Electric ATVs and UTV have not exactly been a huge hit for the industry, but you have to figure the day will eventually come. We imagine Kawasaki (and most every manufacturer) has at least been talking internally about this. Could the Kawasaki IKON be the brand’s first ever electric off-road vehicle?

The OXON and Ridge don’t have logos, so we have even less to go on. The name OXON name seems to hint at a work vehicle – maybe related in some way to the IKON. Of course, Kawasaki has one of the most popular lines of working UTVs in the industry with its Mule family, but we are just spit-balling here.

The Kawasaki Ridge name feels like something more recreational in nature – something to explore the off-road with. Again, we have no information, so take all of this with a big grain of salt.

Ultimately, these are just educated guesses. If you’ve got a guess or two of your own, let us know.

For those interested, here are links to the trademark applications: Staff Staff

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