Spring Ahead - What Makes Eibach Springs Different

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With many upgrades for your UTV, like a Can-Am Maverick X3, there is a fine line between stock performance and what the upgrade brings to the machine. It may be a subtle boost in horsepower or an improvement in comfort. When it comes to suspension upgrades, the gap is much wider.

We will just go ahead and say it - not all springs are created equal. When it comes to an upgrade in ride quality and suspension performance, there is no denying the improvement a set of Eibach springs can make.

What makes Eibach springs different and sets them apart from the competition and the stock springs? We’re glad you asked because there is quite a bit to cover.

Stock is Adequate-ish

Today’s UTVs, especially the sport models like the Can-Am Maverick X3 lineup, have pretty advanced suspension compared to just a few years ago. Travel has increased, action has improved, and ride quality is leaps and bounds better than just a few years ago. If you took a suspension system from a current Maverick and went back in time 10 years, you would make headlines for such an advanced and amazing shock.

But - and it’s a big but - even the most advanced stock shock is merely adequate. When developing the suspension, designers at the manufacturers have to look at a broad picture. Not every driver and passenger will find the suspension action perfect and there is an issue developers cannot avoid with a stock setup. We call it the lowest common denominator, or LCD. When developing a system to work for every consumer who is going to buy that model, designers have to take the LCD into account and design for that.

The factors that weigh in on the LCD include terrain, ability, speed, and the amount of payload in the machine, which includes the weight of the occupants, fuel gear, etc. They have to make a suspension system work for that group while balancing it with more advanced drivers, faster speeds, and rougher terrain.

Enter Eibach

Luckily for you, Eibach is here to help give your suspension the improvement it needs to give you the ride quality and handling you desire. The company’s Pro-UTV Spring Kits are the upgrade that will give you a world of difference between stock and what you really want. You can order a set for your Maverick and immediately get a custom suspension system for your ride.

It is a painstaking process. Every Eibach Pro-UTV spring begins as spring steel. The quality of the steel is something the Eibach has strict control over, too. Springs with up to a 22mm diameter start as pre-hardened spring wire that is formed to a set diameter for the sizes used for most UTV shock systems. Eibach then sets them in broad coils for storage until they are formed into a specific spring for a specific shock. Specialized CNC machines wind the springs, and every aspect is carefully controlled and inspected to get the proper spring rate known as the ratio of spring load and deflection. Each spring produced gets measured to exact specifications and is repeatedly tested to produce a uniform set of springs. These springs are then shot-peened for added strength and uniformity and then beveled at the ends.

Eibach Pro- UTV springs are tested by completely compressing them with a hydraulic setting press. This is to ensure the spring returns to the exact specifications Eibach sets out to produce. This critical part of testing is part of what sets Eibach apart from the competition. The focus on block-stable springs makes Eibach the go-to spring system for racers of every brand of UTV. What that means for you is a custom spring rate that matches how you drive, what you drive, and where and how you drive it.

Eibach then puts every type of spring they make through a rigorous testing process on the specific model machine they develop springs for. This is to ensure that what you order will be what you get. There is not a shock made that can’t be improved with Eibach springs. Period.

What Will You Get?

With Eibach’s Stage 2 and Stage 3 Pro-UTV Spring sets, you will get a dual-rate spring stack that produces a reduction in rear-end buck. This will improve comfort over choppy terrain and increase handling capability and control while you drive. There are improvements throughout the whole shock stroke range. It is a difference you will feel right away and make the ride quality of your Can-Am Maverick X3 or other Sport UTV more enjoyable and confidence-inspiring.

Visit Eibach.com for more information.

NOTE: This is sponsored content produced in partnership with Eibach.

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