"Easy Does It" is Not in His Vocabulary + Video
One of the greatest challenges of Terracross Racing is pushing the limits of the car, while ensuring that it stays together until the finish.
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When Going For It Doesn't Turn Out as Planned + Video
You win some, you lose some and sometimes when you're laying it all on the line, you come up just a little bit too short.
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Teasers for Upcoming TerraCross Show [Video]
Earlier in September the sport of TerraCross (formally known as Quad Terrain Challenge) made its return to the spotlight at the 2011 HayDays Extravaganza. Organizers, however, have no intention of stopping there.

For those who don’t know, TerraCross sees both ATV and UTV racers challenged like almost never before with gnarly rock crossings, nasty log sections, deep mud and just about anything else you can think of.

A series of teaser videos is being released for an upcoming TV test pilot based on TerraCross racing and we’ve got two of them for you to see right here.

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Terracross Highlights From Haydays [Video]
Terracross, formally known as Quad Terrain Challenge, made its return to the world of off-road racing at the 2011 Haydays Extravaganza.ATV and UTV racers fac…
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