KTM 300 2-Stroke: Modded Mondays
Die hard two stroke enthusiast Walt Schumacher schemed up a way to build the two stroke ATV we all wish KTM would have put into production.
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Poll: Which of These ATV and UTV Brands Have You Ridden?
If you've been a powersports enthusiast for some time, chances are, you've probably driven or ridden more than just one brand. We're curious which ones?
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Poll: What is the Best 450cc Sport ATV
During the glory days of the late 2000's the Sport ATV segment included seven 450cc machines. We're wondering which one was your favorite?
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KTMaha: Modded Mondays
Since KTM stopped making ATVs nearly a decade ago, die hard enthusiasts have had to get creative. Daryl Rath is winning at that game!
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Look Ma, No Hands + Video
Keeping it on the ground definitely reduces the risk to man and machine Where it seems like Quad FMX has dwindled a bit in recent years, the street stunting…
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When Showing Off Backfires + Video
We can only imagine the series of conversations that lead up to this significant lapse in judgement. At least he had the sense to wear a helmet and boots.
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FRE/KTM ATV Race Report: GNCC Finale

FRE/KTM ATV GNCC rider Bryan Cook earned 6th overall at the Grand National Cross Country Series finale after a three-hour battle with Kevin Yoho and Donald Ockerman for the position.

Cook got off to a decent start rounding the first corner inside the top ten. From the opening lap to the ending lap, he remained in close battle with Yoho and Ockerman constantly swapping positions. Cook started at the tail end of the battle and trailed Ockerman until the second lap when he moved into seventh. Two laps later he took full advantage of an open line and made another pass on Yoho to take over sixth place. He went on to claim sixth overall for the day.

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FRE/KTM ATV Race Report: Ironman GNCC
FRE/KTM rider Bryan Cook suffered a crash at the beginning of his race this past weekend at the thirteenth round of the ATV GNCC Series to finish in 11th place after a two-hour race against the clock.

Cook launched off the start and was sitting at the front of the pack when he collided with Taylor Kiser. Both riders were thrown off their ATVs and had to untangle their quads before they could get back to the race. The two remounted in last place. One lap later, Cook had to make an unscheduled pit stop for repairs from the damage sustained in his first turn crash. This stop put him 10 minutes behind the lead group.

Cook rode decently once he returned to the course but was unable to make up the time lost and finished in a disappointing 11th place. With one more round left, Cook is looking forward to keeping it on all four wheels and running inside the top five to end the season.

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Cook Lands on Podium at Snowshoe GNCC
FRE/KTM rider Bryan Cook earned his first podium of the season at the eighth round of the GNCC ATV Series held in Snowshoe, WV.Cook got off to a decent start…
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