Yokley Racing ATV Report: John Penton GNCC

National Guard Coastal Yokley Racing Team rider Jarrod McClure finished fifth Overall and fifth in the XC1 Pro class today. There were 164 total entries including 14 XC1 Pro racers. Yokley Racing Youth ATV Team rider Kalab Hagan finished second in the 90 Open (8-11) class. There were 82 total entries including 13 in his class

Summary – XC1 Pro ATV

The track at Millfield can be really muddy, or really dusty. This weekend’s race was run in almost perfect conditions after receiving some rain recently; it was sunny and the temperature in the 80’s. There was very little dust, and there were some muddy hillclimbs and creek crossings. The course included a pro-style motocross track as well as tight woods sections.

Jarrod McClure got off the line well, but someone ran over his rear tire in the first turn, almost flipping him over. He completed lap 1 in sixth position, and was being smart with his line selections in the muddy areas. He moved into fifth on lap 2, and maintained that position to the finish. Many of the pro riders were getting stuck, but McClure said he never did. He attributed that to the new Kenda tires and Tireballs, and was really stoked about the traction they provided.

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