Lynx Hooks Offers Unique Interlocking Tie-Down System

Bungee cords have long been a staple of ATV and UTV riders for tying down anything and everything. One company has set out to improve on this old-school tie-down system – Lynx Hooks.

The Lynx Hooks tie-down system, which we saw at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo, utilizes patented interlocking Lynx Hooks. These hooks interlock in two different ways: face-to‐face or front‐to‐back, creating secure tie-downs that it says are fully adjustable, versatile, flexible, and significantly safer than traditional bungee cords.

“Lynx Hooks provide sports enthusiasts with the best light utility solution for securely strapping down their gear,” says Karen Hayes, a Founder and VP of Marketing and Communications at Lynx Hooks Systems. “Whether you need a custom cargo net or just a couple of straps to do the job, Lynx Hooks are the perfect tie-downs to have in your arsenal of accessories because they’re so versatile, so safe, and so secure. Once you try Lynx Hooks, you’ll never go back to using old fashioned, frustrating bungees.”

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