Canadian Cops Patrol Trails on ATVs

Police in Saint John, New Brunswick (eastern Canada) have recently started an ATV squad that patrols ATV trails in the area.

According to an article in the Telegraph-Journal, the ATV squad was formed because police could do little when they received complaints about riders in the city’s rural areas.

“You get the odd few that don’t care, they’re not registered, they’re not insured, they’re drinking and just causing problems,” Const. Tracy Simmons told the Telegraph-Journal. “But that’s not the majority.”

The New Brunswick All-Terrain Vehicle Association (NBATVA) is thrilled to see the police out on the trails.

“To find out a municipality in New Brunswick is moving in that direction, it’s like wow, I’m all excited,” says Daniel Boucher, NBATVA president. “We know ATVing is fun. But like any thrills in society, it needs some level of control.”


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