Two OHV-Related Jobs Available in Utah

According to a report from the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), two OHV-related positions have been made available in Utah.

One position is in the Utah State Parks and Recreation and the second is in the US Forest Service.

The Utah Department of Natural Resources is seeking an Off-Highway Vehicle Program Manager. The position will be located In Salt Lake City in the Parks and Recreation Division. The incumbent is responsible for developing and managing the off-highway vehicle program for the Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation. Duties include:

  • Coordinating the Division’s OHV Education Program, the Division’s OHV Grant Program and the Division’s OHV Trail Development program by supervising staff and their work
  • Working with public land managing partners and private interests to develop, maintain, manage and promote summer and winter OHV opportunities statewide
  • Evaluating grant proposals and managing contracts; overseeing budgets
  • Working collaboratively with internal and external partners to accomplish statutory and program objectives
  • Working as part of the Division’s leadership team to direct the work of the agency

Information about this position can be found here.

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