Vision X Lighting Launches Optimus LED Lights
Vision X Lighting has announced the launch of its Optimus Series LED Driving Lights. Utilizing Vision X Lighting’s all new proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology, Vision X says the Optimus series provides the ultimate focus for long range lighting.

According to Vision X, the Optimus produces 693 ft. of usable light from a single 3.5″ tall, 10-watt LED. Compared to a standard 55-watt low beam headlight reach of 88 ft. and a standard 65-watt high beam reach of 153 ft., the Vision X boasts the Optimus propels light further than any single 10-watt LED light fixture in existence. Optimus lights also feature Vision X Lighting’s Prime Drive technology for integrated thermal management and dimming capabilities.

The Optimus Series lights are available in two models, a single 10-watt LED version and a dual 10-watt LED version, known as the Optimus Single and Optimus Dual. All Optimus lights feature waterproof die-cast aluminum housing, industrial grade waterproof deustch connector, adjustable trunnion bracket mounting, and 11-32V DC multi-volt input.

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