Why Do My Bearings Keep Wearing Out?
Why do my bearings keep wearing out? This is what one frustrated Yamaha Rhino owner wants to know and the ATV AnswerMan is on the case.
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Why Is My New Fuel Pump Not Working?
Why is my new fuel pump not working? This is more or less what one of our readers wants to know and the ATV AnswerMan is on the case.
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Why Is My Modified Rhino Pushing When Cornering?
Why is my modified Rhino pushing when cornering? That's a loaded question, but the ATV AnswerMan does his best to help a reader with a tricked out UTV.
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Why is My UTV Making Weird Noises When I Turn?
ATV AnswerMan helps out a Yamaha Rhino 660 owner On my 2005 Yamaha Rhino 660, when I turn left, it starts to make a clicking noise. But only when I turn left…
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UTV Gymnastics Just Added to the Summer Olympic Games + Video
2020 will mark the first ever entrance of a motorized vehicle in the Olympic games and will put the UTV industry in a worldwide spotlight.
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Tricked Out Yamaha Rhino + Video
While the Yamaha Rhino is no longer in production, there are a few die hard fanatics preserving this iconic machine that helped launch the UTV industry.
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Remounting a Yamaha Rhino Rear Differential
How we repaired a differential that ripped right out of a Rhino frame Sometimes we fail to recognize the essential maintenance that needs to be done on our o…
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Yamaha Giving Away Rhino For Charity

For the second straight year, Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A. is giving away a vehicle to raise funds and awareness for Honored American Veterans Afield and Feed the Children.

The “Assembled in USA” Rhino sweepstakes runs through May 31. For a chance to win the Tactical Black Special Edition Rhino 700 FI, simply donate $5 via online at www.yamahaoutdoors.com/rhinoforcharity.

This year’s contest was launched at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), the largest outdoors industry trade show. Yamaha will be selling tickets onsite at the NRA Show in St. Louis May 3-5.

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Yamaha Announces New Eight-Piece Rhino Body Kit

Any Yamaha Rhino owners looking for some added protection and style to their rides should be happy to hear about the new eight-piece Rhino Body Kit produced by Yamaha’s Parts and Accessories Division.

The eight-piece collection includes a front bumper guard that mounts to the OE bumper, two-piece wraparound front overfender flares that extend the OE front fenders an additional 4.125 inches, rear overfender flares that add 3.375 inches to the rear fenders, and a shaker-style hood scoop.

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Yamaha Giving Away Rhino 700 in 2012 NHFD Sweepstakes

Yamaha is continuing its support of National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHFD) by giving away a 2012 Yamaha Rhino 700 with an assortment of Genuine Yamaha hunting accessories through its annual NHFD Sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes is being promoted at NHFD events nationwide and anyone can enter to win by simply registering online at through the end of October 2012.

“The National Hunting and Fishing Day is an important reminder and educational tool promoting the significant and positive impact these activities have on our country,” says Steve Nessl, marketing manager for Yamaha’s ATV/SxS group. “Yamaha is proud to be involved with NHFD, and we look forward to giving away the new Rhino to some lucky outdoors enthusiast this fall.”

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Yamaha Earns Key Victory in Rhino Lawsuit Battle

The Court of Appeals of Georgia has unanimously reversed a trial court’s May 2010 decision in favor of plaintiffs and ordered judgment for Yamaha in McTaggart vs Yamaha, a case involving an accident on a Yamaha Rhino. The Court of Appeals’ decision means that courts in all nine cases that have gone to trial have rejected plaintiffs’ claims and found in favor of Yamaha.

“Yamaha stands firmly behind the Rhino and will continue to vigorously defend the product,” says Van Holmes, ATV/SxS Public Relations Manager, Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A. “The Rhino is a safe and useful off-road vehicle when driven responsibly, and has won virtually every “first in class” award and top safety ratings in independent reviews since its introduction.

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ROHVA Offers Free On-Line Course for Off-Road Vehicles
The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) has launched a new e-course available to help users understand safety measures that should be taken…
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Corry Weller Rides Her SR1 to Victory [video]
ATV.com contributor Corry Weller sent us another video of her insane SR1 (Yamaha Rhino outfitted with R1 motorcycle engine) racing in Surprise, Ariz.

We’ve ridden with Corry before, and she’s scary fast. It’s wild to see her tearing up the short course in her SR1. This thing just flies! Watch it barrel through the gnarly whoops section of the track. Deviate films put together this awesome video, which is available after the jump.

Corry is working on an article on the SR1 build, so stay tuned to ATV.com to check that out in the coming weeks. We can’t wait! In the meantime, you can watch the video or see the article she wrote us on her racing Rhino.

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R1 Powered Rhino at LOORRS [video]