Best ATV Exhaust Systems

Whenever you get to talking about the best of something, there are always opinions to the contrary. Just ask someone on social media which brand of ATV is best and you’ll get 100 different answers. Exhaust systems add performance to your ATV and a customized touch. If you want to know which exhaust system is best for your machine, there are lots of options. Here are our picks of the best ATV exhaust systems on the market and the machines that helped elevate them to that status.

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EPA Hits Suzuki With $885,000 Penalty and Other Sanctions

American Suzuki has agreed to a number of sanctions including an $885,000 penalty for importing ATVs and off-road motorcycles that do not meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‘s emission control standards.

The EPA and Suzuki negotiated the monetary penalty as well as other sanctions for the 25,396 units of the 2006-2009 LT-R450 ATV and the 62 units of the 2010 RMX450Z. While the models in question were tested and certified by the EPA, the testing was done on the electronic engine control module’s standard map.

What Suzuki did not disclose in the certification process was the RMX450Z and LT-R450 also had a racing map that would push emissions outside the accepted control standards. These racing map were only accessible from a third-party aftermarket product known as the “Cherry Bomb“, but because the map was pre-programmed into the stock machine, Suzuki was required to disclose the ability to adjust the air-fuel mixture through engine mapping when filing for the certificate of conformity. We actually tested out the Yoshimura Cherry Bomb on a 2009 LT-R450 (along with other Yoshimura products), which you can read about here.

In addition to the $885,000 fine, Suzuki agreed to a three emissions mitigation projects that would reduce the emission of over 210 tons of hydrocarbons.

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Yoshimura Unveils Products for Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000
Yoshimura R&D of American has unveiled a number of performance exhaust and hard parts for the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000.

“In recent years, UTVs and Side-by-Sides have emerged as some of the most popular off-road vehicles,” Yoshimura says in a release. “We were excited for the opportunity to put our knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship forth and develop performance products for these machines.”

Yoshimura has been working closely with Yokley Racing to develop and test UTV products, including the RS-4 full system exhaust. The RS-4 is CNC mandrel bent using 304 stainless steel tubing. Headers feature an over-sized step tube design for maximum power throughout the entire RPM range. The two-into-two header design converges at the muffler inlet, providing ample exhaust flow. The RS-4 muffler features a 304 stainless steel CNC rolled and robot welded canister shell and a carbon fiber end-cap. The full system includes the RS-4 stainless steel muffler with a carbon fiber end-cap, stainless steel headers and tailpipe, installation hardware, and step-by-step instructions.

Aluminum roof kits, roost guards and aluminum wind deflector kits are also available.

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Yoshimura Unveils Line of UTV Accessories

Yoshimura R&D of America has introduced a line of performance exhausts and hard parts for the UTV market.

“In recent years, UTVs and Side x Sides have emerged as one of the top off-road sports,” Yoshimura says in a release. “We were excited for the opportunity to put our knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship forth and develop performance products for these machines.”

To thoroughly test out the new lineup, Yoshimura teamed up with William Yokley of Yokley Racing, winner of countless ATV and UTV race, including the Baja 1000

“Yoshimura has been working intently with Yokley Racing to develop parts specific to racing, while also benefiting the weekend warrior,” Yoshimura says in the release. “Through the use of high-tech data acquisition and GPS tracking technology, similar to those used in Formula One racing, we’ve developed the best performing products in the industry. With additional input from Yokley and his team, we’ve tuned intakes, exhausts, engines, engine management, and fuel – everything conceivable for the best performance possible.”

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