Chad Wienen is Doing Work This Off Season + Video
By the looks of things, Chad Wienen is hard at work and eager to win back that number one plate from Joel Hetrick in 2018.
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GoPro: Moto Banshee + Video
While the Yamaha Banshee wasn't known for being a great motocrosser, that hasn't stopped people from taking to the track aboard the infamous 2 stroke.
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Can-Am Wins the 2011 AMA ATVMX Manufacturer's Cup

The AMA ATV Motocross Championship Series has announced that Can-Am will be the recipient of the 2011 Manufacturer’s Cup, edging out Honda by less than forty points.

Each year, AMA Pro Racing awards the manufacturer that accumulates the most points in the AMA Pro class throughout the course of a season with the Manufacturer’s Cup. The series points are configured race-to-race, based on each manufacturer’s best overall finisher. Can-Am finished out the season with seven of the eleven victories, aided by Can-Am riders John Natalie, Chad Wienen and Chase Snapp.

“On behalf of BRP and Can-Am we are extremely proud of our racers and teams that contributed to winning this year’s Manufacturer’s Cup championship aboard the DS450. The entire Can-Am / Motorworks team has worked extremely hard, investing countless hours and making numerous sacrifices to help us achieve our common goal,” says Can-Am Race Manager, Jimmie O’Dell. “Our team riders John Natalie and Chad Wienen were true inspirations this season by both overcoming adversity and have also taken training and preparation to another level. I also want to thank Can-Am X-Team rookie pro Chase Snapp and his team as they worked extremely hard this season and have contributed to Can-Am winning this manufacturer’s cup title.”

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ATV MX ATVision Motosode #12: Unadilla [video]
ATV MX ATVision Motosode #11: Pleasure Valley [video]
ATV MX ATVision Motosode #7: Steel City
If you’re an ATV racing fan, you’ve probably already read our recap from the ATV Stampede at Steel City, where Josh Creamer rode his Rockstar Makā€¦
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Dustin Wimmer Part of New ATV Film [video]

Blake Shipman, one of the premiere ATV/freestyle filmmakers, spent some time with ATV motocross champion Dustin Wimmer to shoot for “Revolutionary,” his new ATV film that will be released this fall.

Shipman loaded a three-and-a-half minute teaser of Wimmer footage on YouTube to whet your appetites for the upcoming main course. Check out the video below the jump

As is always the case with Shipman’s videos, production quality is awesome and Wimmer provides him with plenty of nice ATV MX action. It’s always good to see a pro like Wimmer in action, even if it does make us feel inadequate. Consider us hungry for the final cut!

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