Kymco Unveils New Hard Enclosure for UXV 500 UTV

If you’ve got a Kymco UXV 500 in the garage and want some protection from the elements for foul-weather riding, take a look at the Kymco-designed hard enclosure.

According to Kymco, the hard enclosure features an integrated modular design for simple installation. The kit comes with complete molding and weather stripping and is constructed of TPO, Lexan, steel framing and automobile-grade glass.

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Kymco at Moab UTV Rally

Our friends at Kymco were out west near Moab, Utah for the UTV Rally recently and they sent us some pictures to share with you.

The UTV Rally is one of the events we’d most like to attend, as all the pictures we’ve seen of the area look awesome and the riding looks intense. Maybe next year.

Be sure to check out all the photos below the jump.

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