Tricked Out Yamaha Rhino + Video
While the Yamaha Rhino is no longer in production, there are a few die hard fanatics preserving this iconic machine that helped launch the UTV industry.
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Is This the Name of Yamaha's Pure Sport UTV?

As we wrote about in February, we are expecting Yamaha to come out with a pure Sport Side-by-Side in the relatively near future. We’ve been hunting hard for information to back up our thoughts and a recent trademark filing by Yamaha has thrown a little more fuel on the fire.

On April 9, 2015 Yamaha trademarked the name YXZ SS. While it doesn’t seem like much, we think it could be the name of the vehicle we’ve been waiting for. Let us explain why.

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Corry Weller Rides Her SR1 to Victory [video] contributor Corry Weller sent us another video of her insane SR1 (Yamaha Rhino outfitted with R1 motorcycle engine) racing in Surprise, Ariz.

We’ve ridden with Corry before, and she’s scary fast. It’s wild to see her tearing up the short course in her SR1. This thing just flies! Watch it barrel through the gnarly whoops section of the track. Deviate films put together this awesome video, which is available after the jump.

Corry is working on an article on the SR1 build, so stay tuned to to check that out in the coming weeks. We can’t wait! In the meantime, you can watch the video or see the article she wrote us on her racing Rhino.

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