Major League Baseball Player Steals Mascott's ATV + Video
A major league mascot's job is to heckle players and entertain the fans. Apparently sometimes the players do a little heckling of their own.
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Dim-Witted ATV Thief Calls Police for Help

This may surprise you, but you don’t have to be particularly smart to be a thief. The latest example of this comes from a story we found in the Daily Press.

An 18-year-old Ashland, Wis. man broke into a storage garage which contained, among other things, an ATV. He apparently tried to move a trailer loaded with some heavy objects to get at the ATV when the tongue of the trailer gave out and his legs got trapped underneath.

The would-be thief then called his mother for help, but she couldn’t get into the building because it was still locked. After what we can only imagine was a good deal of mulling over options, the pair decided to call the police.

“I can honestly say I don’t think in my 25 years that I’ve had a would-be criminal trap themselves and call for help,” Ashland County Police Lieutenant Greg BeBeau told the Daily Press.

After a quick trip to the hospital to get his injuries treated the incompetent criminal was incarcerated for violating his probation.

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CHP Recovers Stolen ATV 20 Years Later
It took 20 years, but the California Highway Patrol has recovered a stolen ATV and returned it to the original owner.According to a story in the Whittier Dai…
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