Best UTV Seats

“Why would I ever need to upgrade my UTV seats?” you might wonder. “Aren’t the factory seats in my vehicle perfectly good?”

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Top Ten UTV Creature Comforts
They don't offer performance gains, but these creature comforts for your UTV can drastically improve the user experience.
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PRP Seats Unveils New GT 50/50 Bench Seat for Polaris RZRs

PRP Seats has released what it is calling the first front bench for the Polaris RZR XP 1000.

The GT 50/50 Front Bench features independently removable sides, which is designed to make it easy to access the battery or change the oil. Large harness openings and a quick release pull make removing each seat quick.

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Pro Armor Introduces New Suspension Seats

Anybody who’s ridden Side-by-Sides long enough, hard enough and over rough enough terrain has longed for a more comfortable place for their posterior. Pro Armor may have the answer with its new suspension seats.

“These suspension seats are designed to give a driver and passenger the most comfort and performance possible,” Pro Armor says in a release. “Using only the highest quality materials and with decades of experience in our sewing and seat department we are sure that once you take a ride in one you will agree it is the best seat in the house.”

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DragonFire HighBack Seats Now Available in XL

To help accommodate larger riders, DragonFire Racing is now making its HighBack racing seats available in both regular and XL.

“We know that not every RZR owner is built like a jockey, so we shaved the bolsters back to accommodate larger waistlines, but did not compromise on the secure feeling you get when strapped in for those who need a little X-tra in the seat,” says Chris Moore, Dragonfire social media manager. “The lowered design also makes for a little more legroom for taller types.”

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PRP Seats Unveils JD GT Seat for New John Deere RSX850i

Well that certainly didn’t take long. Just days after John Deere unveiled its new Gator RSX850i side-by-side, PRP Seats announced its new JD GT seat designed specifically for the RSX.

“We have designed these seats to bolt directly into the new RSX,” PRP Seats says in a release. “They provide more protection and security than stock seats and that is exactly what is needed for this new high-performance machine from John Deere. Our 5 point harnesses are and easy to install in the new RSX and work great with large seat belt slots.”

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PRP Releases New Mesh Liner Option For UTV Seats – Video

Anybody looking to upgrade to an aftermarket seat for your Polaris RZR or other UTV should have a look at PRP’s newest option – a mesh liner.

“With all the water issues PRP came across, we’ve designed a seat to allow the water to flow through instead of water-logging you and your seat,” PRP says in a release.

The option is available for every seat PRP makes. Best of all, it won’t cost you any more money. If you buy a PRP seat and want the mesh liner, it will be the same price as a PRP seat without a mesh liner.

Because the liner is installed during the construction of the seat, it can’t be added after the fact. According to PRP, the lead time for the new option is two weeks, so it won’t be long before you’re sitting in comfort after you make your order. Visit for more information.

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PRP Releases Bench Seat for Polaris RZR 4
If you want to turn your Polaris RZR 4 into a RZR 5, PRP Seats may have the answer with its new GT Bench.Slotted to accommodate three five-point harnesses, t…
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