Well that certainly didn’t take long. Just days after John Deere unveiled its new Gator RSX850i side-by-side, PRP Seats announced its new JD GT seat designed specifically for the RSX.

“We have designed these seats to bolt directly into the new RSX,” PRP Seats says in a release. “They provide more protection and security than stock seats and that is exactly what is needed for this new high-performance machine from John Deere. Our 5 point harnesses are and easy to install in the new RSX and work great with large seat belt slots.”

Clearly, PRP Seats has been working with John Deere on this seat long before the RSX850i was released. If you had any doubt about John Deere’s plan to make a big splash with the newest Gator, its willingness to work directly with the aftermarket should change your mind. We can’t wait to see what comes next!



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