Video Game Review: Box10 ATV 5

Free on-line video games are, for the most part, disappointing. So it was with very low expectations that I clicked on a link for Box10 ATV 5. What can I say…I’m can’t turn down anything ATV-related.

My main complaint with most of these games is that they’re just too easy. At first it didn’t seem as if ATV 5 would be any different. The first few levels of this 10-level game went by in a flash. Sure, I crashed and burned a time or two, but mostly because I was trying to rush through it so my co-workers wouldn’t make fun of me for playing.

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MX Vs. ATV: Alive Trailer [video]
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Video Game Preview: Nail'd [video]

Video game fans may want to keep an eye out for a new ATV racing game – Nail’d.

We just saw video preview of the game, developed by Deep Silver, and it looks somewhat similar to Pure, a game we reviewed in 2008 for The preview doesn’t show the crazy tricks that Pure is known for, but the racing action looks aggressive and the game play seems fast-paced. The game is still a work in progress, but this preview doesn’t look quite as sharp graphically as Pure.

Unfortunately, the official site didn’t offer up a release date or even a platform. If the developers want to compete with the Pure or even MX vs ATV Untamed it’s going to have to be available on just about every gaming system. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything else.

Be sure to check out more photos from the game and the video preview below the jump.

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