2010 Indy Dealer Expo ATVs and UTVs

The Indianapolis Dealer Expo is the industry’s largest ATV trade show. Search around and you’ll find all the latest and greatest aftermarket accessories for ATVs and UTVs. It’s an off-road tuner’s paradise.

Instead of merely showing you their latest products by themselves, most of the aftermarket manufacturers instead choose to display their wares by incorporating them into the vehicles they are designed for. What this means is the Dealer Expo is a fantastic showcase for project quads.

We decided to compile a photo gallery of all the best sport quads, utility quads and side-by-sides we could find at the Expo. Some are actual race vehicles from events like the Baja 1000 or National ATV motocross championships, while others are brand new units outfitted with the cool products found at the show.

You’ll find a handful of photos after the jump, but for the Full Monty you’ll have to visit our photo gallery.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: DragonFire Racing Beadlock Wheel

DragonFire Racing has been producing some of the top ATV and UTV performance accessories for years, but it wasn’t until the 2010 Indy Dealer Expo that the Arizona-based company launched its first wheel.

DragonFire’s new aluminum beadlock wheel was completed just before the show so there was no press material of any kind available, but the rep we talked to was quite excited about it. Expect the wheel to come in sizes to fit both ATVs and side-by-sides.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Mattracks LiteFoot XL
Riding an ATV with a track system is a pretty cool experience, but most track systems are pretty costly. The folks at Mattracks just introduced a more econom…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Kali Prana Carbon Helmet
We stumbled across an interesting new ultra-light helmet from Kali Protectives called the Prana Carbon.Weighing in at just 1100 grams, the helmet is DOT and…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Utopia Optics Goggles
We had a chance to talk to a rep from Utopia Optics at the Dealer Expo and he told us about some of his new products, including the Warrant Bones goggles.Thi…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: O-Liminator
It won’t make you ride faster, but O-Liminator will help your gear smell a little better.O-Liminator was our favorite product at the Dealer Expo for un…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: CTEK Piglet
From the company that claims to have the smartest battery chargers in the world comes, well, another smart addition to the Comfort Indicator series.The CTEK…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Houser Racing Suspension Nerf Bars

Houser Racing unveiled an entirely new lineup of aluminum accessories at the Indy Dealer Expo. Perhaps the most popular ATV-related product of the entire show is Houser’s new “Suspension” Nerf Bars.

The most groundbreaking part of these nerf bars is the foot peg, which is where the “suspension” comes from. It works similar to a swing arm with a rubber isolated pivot point and replaceable cushion ball that is pre-load adjustable. The pegs are made of TIG welded Chromoly with end caps that are attached with air craft grade rivets. We can’t say enough how cool we think this peg is and how popular we think this nerf bar system is going to be.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Blingstar Heel Guard With Flex Joint

Blingstar always has eye-catching ATV accessories and its display at this year’s Indy Dealer Expo was no exception. However, the product we were most impressed with this year is also brilliant in its functionality.

Blingstar redesigned its popular heel guard for 2010 to include an anti-vibration flexible joint. The patent pending Flex Joint System, according to Blingstar, helps prevent breaking and stress cracks caused by extreme racing conditions.

The Heel Guard with Flex Joint System comes with a carbon fiber heel plate with a replaceable net system and is constructed of durable 6061 T1 aluminum.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Precision Shock & Vibe Clamp

The latest fatigue-reducing accessory from Precision Racing Products was released at the Indy Dealer Expo – the Shock & Vibe Handlebar Clamp.

The Shock & Vibe looks as simple as can be – it is a handlebar clamp after all – but Precision says it dampens several times the vibration of an anti-vibe stem. Instead of the handlebar having direct contact with metal like on a typical clamp, it is surrounded by a rubber insert.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: ProCharger Supercharger

ProCharger wants to make your side-by-side go faster…a lot faster. The Kansas-based company plans to do this with its new intercooled, supercharger that is currently available for 800 EFI Polaris Ranger models.

ProCharger’s system utilizes what it calls the industry’s smallest, self-contained gear driven supercharger – the ProCharger A-1. The supercharger kits also include an air-to-air intercooler. Combined with the supercharger, the intercooler helps to provide the engine with huge performance gains.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Warn XT HID Lights

Warn had a lot of new products on display at the Dealer Expo. Though generally associated with winches, we were really impressed with Warn’s new Extreme Terrain (XT) HID lights.

Available in four inch (for a wide blast of light) or two inch (narrow, intense beam), the XT HID lights are shockingly powerful when you accidently catch a blast in your eyes.

The XT HID lights feature forged aluminum housings, impact-resistant glass, stainless steel hardware, and silicone seals to stand up to all sorts of abuse. They will easily mount on bumpers, light bars or right on the handlebar.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Laeger's High Roller Front End
Laeger’s Racing was showing off a brand new front end at the Dealer Expo that could make a big impact for cross country racers in the near future.The H…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Cycle Country Hook-A-Lift
If you’ve seen Cycle Country’s products before, you’ll know the Hook-A-Lift isn’t exactly a new product. However, what is new is a pr…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: RideTech ShockWave

We had to look outside the main hall at the Indy Dealer Expo, but we found an interesting new suspension for side-by-sides from RideTech Air Ride Technologies.

The system is called ShockWave and it replaces the factory shock and coil springs with aluminum mono-tube shocks and sleeve style air-spring.

The ShockWave system offers seven inches of travel, adjustable spring rates, and the ability to level the vehicle when loaded and maintain a specific ride height. A control unit accessible in the cab can raise and lower the front or rear shocks at the push of a button.

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