Trunk Party: Extra Storage for ATVs From Moose Utility Division
An inherent advantage of the common four-wheeler is its small size. With an engine tucked under the rider and no need for a roll cage, ATVs can often squeeze…
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New Moose Winch Accessory Kit and Sportsman's Rack Released
The team at Moose and Moose Utility Division recently dropped a pair of new products that look interesting a winch accessory kit and a Sportsmans rack.
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Moose Utility Division Unveils LED Licence Plate Bracket

Moose Utility Division has just released one of the most affordable UTV accessories we’ve ever seen – an LED licence plate bracket.

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Best ATV Winch Options

An ATV winch can be the difference between making it back at the end of the ride, or taking the long walk back and thinking over and over again, “How am I going to solve this one?” Putting a winch on your ATV is cheap insurance and you’ll find you have more uses for it that you initially think. They are great tools to have.

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Moose Unveils Gun Carrier, XCR Backpack, Winch

Moose has added three more interesting products to its ATV and UTV catalog: Quick Draw Gun Carrier, 3,500-Pound Winch, and XCR Backpack.

Quick Draw Gun Carrier

NRA by Moose Utility Division provides hunters with a Quick Draw Gun Carrier ($79.95) that is perfect for any UTV. The unique hook and loop pull-tabs form and fit the holding cradles to the exact size of the stock or forearm of the gun, allowing the sight and scope setting to stay untouched. The carrier is made from aircraft aluminum and then finished off with powder coat paint. For UTVs like the Polaris Ranger that has a slight hump in the floorboard, there is an application that comes with an adapter plate, and all carriers come with the necessary installation hardware.

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