Trunk Party: Extra Storage for ATVs From Moose Utility Division

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An inherent advantage of the common four-wheeler is its small size. With an engine tucked under the rider and no need for a roll cage, ATVs can often squeeze into tracks and trails that would stimy the typical side-by-side. Plus, if you get stuck, they are often light enough to extricate even if you’re riding solo.

But that compactness also has a distinct disadvantage – storage. Or, more precisely, the lack thereof. Some manufacturers have gotten smart over the years by incorporating a small trunk-like space under the rider’s seat, but even those are few and far between.

Fortunately, the aftermarket is here to save the day. Moose Utility Division has an array of storage trunks for both the front and rear of your ATV. Built from robust materials and easy to install, these cargo containers are sure to fit the bill in the vast majority of riding situations. So go ahead and bring that extra change of clothes or additional hunting supplies – Moose has you (and your gear) safely covered.

Prospector Front Box
Moose Prospector Front Box

Despite sounding like something from the Old West, this Prospector Front Box doesn’t come equipped with supplies to pan for gold. Instead, this cargo space creates a wide and flat area for your valuables – so long as they aren’t any more than 8 inches tall, which is this container’s maximum height. The advantages of a slim design are rider visibility and the ability to retain the bike’s handlebar headlight, plus the low-rider shape looks good to this jaundiced eye.

The box spans 33 inches across the bike and 17 inches in front of the rider, making for a decent space in which to store clothes, gear, or (carefully) pack a few beverages. U-bolts are used for mounting the thing to your ATV if you wish to do so permanently, or a set of quick-release tie-downs are present for those occasions you wish to unbuckle the box and take it into the cabin or duck blind for whatever reason. A so-called UV-stabilizer should keep this thing from fading to a dull grey color before the summer is over. Locking latches, side reflectors, and foam hand grips round out the features on this $139.95 accessory.

Front and Rear Cargo Boxes
Moose Rear Cargo Box

Doesn’t get much more self-explanatory than Front and Rear Cargo Boxes, does it? Made from durable polyethylene (read: very hard plastic), these units provide the space for gear and equipment while still permitting access to the ATV seat for a single rider. And, if you’re wondering, those hinges are molded into the unit to help prevent the inevitable breakage which eventually comes part and parcel with traditional hinges. Lockable latches keep your stuff secure – if you bother to use them.

Moose Front Cargo Box

The front cargo box is the same maximum height as the Prospector listed above but carries that measure across the entire space. It is also an inch longer and an inch wider, creating a total of 2.26 cubic feet of capacity. Practically, watch out for reflective glare from the ATV’s handlebar headlight, if equipped. The rear box has no such considerations, hanging out back and measuring an entire foot in height, nearly 4 feet wide, and stretching almost 2 feet behind the rider. This, according to the crew at Moose Utility Division, permits it to easily carry some types of hunting guns and most bow sets. The front box retails for 187.95 while the $80 more expensive.

Helmet Storage Rear Trunk
Moose Helmet Storage Trunk-Open

Look, we all know the importance of wearing a helmet while riding an ATV – this has been established for years. However, it can be irritating to cart around the brain bucket in one’s hands while stopping for a break or a bite to eat. Moose has the solution with their Helmet Storage Rear Trunk, one which is right sized for a pair of the things. Of course, while this box is designed to hold two helmets, there’s nothing stopping customers for stashing other items in it as well.

Given the dimensions of a typical helmet, this cargo box needs to be higher than the other two listed earlier. Much higher. In fact, this trunk measures 17 inches heigh, 25 inches deep, and 37 inches wide. Its unique flared shape looks better than a simple square box appended to the back of an ATV, and the weather-resistant seal on this box should keep out most of a ride’s inclement conditions. Two draw-tight latches secure the lid on this $189.95 cargo trunk.

Diplomat Storage Trunk
Moose Diplomat Storage Trunk

Mounted onto the ATV with U-bolts and made from UV-stabilized impact-resistant polyethylene, Diplomat Storage Trunk is likely to handle just about anything its owner can throw at it. While pencil-necked corporate lawyers insist on saying this product is not to be used as a seat while riding, know that the seat padding is a comfortable 3 inches thick and features padded rests for a person’s arms and back. There are also a pair of foam grips. Do with this information what you will.

Overall dimensions of this box are quite large, nearly 18 inches high and well over 40 inches wide. It is worth noting the Diplomat Storage Trunk won’t work well on machines with those vertical rack extensions from the factory, so judge yourself accordingly before shelling out $344.95 for this accessory. Locking latches round out the features on this touring-style storage trunk.

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