Moose Utility Division Unveils LED Licence Plate Bracket Staff
by Staff

Light up your UTV's licence plate

Moose Utility Division has just released one of the most affordable UTV accessories we’ve ever seen – an LED licence plate bracket.

This one-piece unit comes with an LED light molded into the bracket. It is sealed and waterproof so you can freely drive through the mud or water hole without worrying about shorting it.

Other features of the Moose LED Licence Plate Bracket include a 12V DC LED light with 0.54A- Low Amp Draw, ABS bracket and Polycarbonate light lens. It also comes with power and ground wire leads, as well as all necessary mounting hardware. Weighing less than a fifth of a pound, the bracket measures 8.6” wide, 2.5” tall and 2.6 “deep.

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