Can-Am Sweeps King of the Hammers Desert UTV Pro Mod Class

Justin Hughes
by Justin Hughes

They say a bad day at the track is better than a good day at work, but Can-Am could not have had a better day at both. At King of the Hammers, the Can-Am Factory Racing Team and their Maverick X3s swept all three podium positions in the UTV Pro Mod Class, as well as the top two positions in UTV Stock.

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In UTV Pro Mod, the only real question was which of the Can-Am drivers would take first place. Vito Ranujo, Bruce Binquist, and Phil Blurton dominated the field over the 196-mile race, covering some of the roughest desert terrain that California has to offer. In the end, it was Ranujo in front, with Binquist, then Blurton close behind.

Photo: Can-Am Off-Road

“That racecourse was brutal out there, but we had a good run. We pushed hard the whole day,” said Ranujo. “We are really happy to come away with the win.”

Photo: Can-Am Off-Road

UTV Pro Mod Class:

1. Vito Ranjo, 4:00:50

2. Bruce Binquist, 4:06:02

3. Phil Blurton, 4:18:31

Meanwhile, the Can-Am Maverick X3 also proved itself closer to factory spec in the UTV Stock class. Though Dustin Jones was the fastest UTV overall qualifier, it was no walk in the park to the win. He ran into several issues during the race, not the least of which was teammate Mitchell Alsup hot on his heels. In the end, though, Jones remained in front to finish in front. He, along with Alsup, gave Can-Am a one-two win in the class.

Photo: Can-Am Off-Road

“Just to get to the finish line at King of the Hammers is a real feat,” said Jones. “We started off strong being the fastest UTV qualifier, but we had some issues out on the course, so we buckled down and got it done out there.”

UTV Stock Class:

1. Dustin Jones, 4:17:15

2. Mitchell Alsup, 4:22:00

3. Larry Heidler, 4:32:23

Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes

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