Electric Sport ATV With a Gearbox Tears up a Motocross Track + Video
Although it sounds a bit like a remote control car, this all electric sport ATV looks like it really rips. Do you think we'll see one at a national soon?
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Electric Drag Quad: Modded Mondays
We don't foresee electric technology ousting the internal combustion engine anytime soon, but this electric drag quad is an exciting glimpse into the future
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Would You Ride This LT500R 2-Stroke Hybrid + Video
Some of the best hybrids we've seen involve taking what's old and making it new. That's exactly what Walsh Racecraft did with this LT500R 2-stroke hybrid.
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High Lifter Edition ATC 350X Snow Machine + Video
The High Lifter name is synonymous with mud but if they got into making snow products for three wheelers, this has their name and signature all over it.
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Crazy CR500 ATC Conversion + Video
Considering Honda had the powerplant and the technology, it will forever remain a mystery as to why the ATC 500 never became a production reality.
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Dune Buggy That Can Fly + Video
We've seen some "amphibious" vehicles that can operate on both land and water but we have yet to find and off-road vehicle that can also fly. Until now.
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105-Horsepower Yamaha Banshee YZF Conversion
If you're looking to build a super fast flat tracker, why not go straight to the source with one of the fastest engines ever made!
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Ridiculous Banshee-Powered Street Bike + Video
It's amazing the concepts that some builders come up with to utilize the infamous twin cylinder Yamaha Banshee motor. Future production bike maybe?
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Gibbs Quadski Coming To Market in 2012

Just about anybody’s who’s ridden an ATV has taken it into shallow water at some point, but up until now nobody’s been able to zip across an entire lake. The Quadski aims to change all that.

Due to hit U.S. retailers before the end of 2012, the Quadski transforms from an off-road four-wheeler to a personal watercraft in just four seconds. And unlike amphibious vehicles of the past, the Quadski promises high speeds (45mph) on land and on water.

“Quadski represents an investment of more than $200-million and two-million man hours of work over a period of 15 years,” says Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc. founder Alan Gibbs. “With the introduction of Quadski next month, our dream of providing high-speed amphibian transportation to consumers will become a reality.”

The most notable feature of the Quadski is its wheel retracting system built into the suspension. While the suspension is said to provide “superb ride and handling” on land, it retracts at the push of a button on the water. When you want to go for a spin on the lake, you simply ride in and push the retract button and in four seconds you’re ready to go. Gibbs hasn’t released a full spec sheet at this time, so we don’t have any information on suspension travel.

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New Can-Am Commander to Be Unveiled at Sand Sports Super Show

It’s been rumored for a while, but we can now confirm that BRP will be unveiling a brand new Can-Am Commander at the Sand Sports Super Show in Torrance, Calif. on Sept. 14, 2012.

We thought Can-Am would be looking to introduce a four-seat Commander, but the Canadian manufacturer released a teaser image that looks very much like a machine aimed at the Polaris RZR XP 900 and Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000. We put together a comparison photo of the teaser image next to the Commander 1000 X to give you an idea of the differences.

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Marshall Motoart Unveils Crazy Custom Polaris Ranger 6×6
A wild, customized ATV or UTV is one of our favorite things to see when we visit riding areas or off-road shows. It never fails to amaze us what creative and mechanical minds can come up with. The latest project from Marshall Motoart will be difficult to top.

Dubbed 2011 Project X “Spider Monkey,” this project transforms the Polaris Ranger 6×6 into an off-road tamer to be behold. It comes outfitted with a wagon (making the 6×6 a 10×6!), as well as a turbo engine, air suspension, lights galore, extra fuel containers, a booming sound system and a tent.

If you want to see how the “Spider Monkey” was put together, you can check out the Destination Polaris Show on the Outdoor Channel every Monday through August 1, 2011. Click here to view the first episode.

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College Students Build Self-Driving John Deere Gator XUV

John Deere’s Gator XUV side-by-sides are known as hard working and rugged machines. However, a group of college seniors has taken the Gator XUV a step further – by having it drive itself.

Five seniors from Olin College (Nicholas Hobbs, Jacob Izraelevitz, Daniel Grieneisen, Ann Wu and Arash Ushani ) have been working with Draper Laboratory for the past nine months to continue a collaboration to build a capable, autonomous off-road vehicle. The Gator XUV that they were working on can now drive itself through complex environments that require the vehicle to detect paths, and identify and avoid obstacles.

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Arctic Cat Breaks Silence on New Side-by-Side

News of a sporty new side-by-side from Arctic Cat unveiled at a dealer show quickly spread through the off-road media a couple of weeks back, but Arctic Cat was very tight lipped on the matter. Only now has the Minnesota-based manufacturer had anything to say about it.

Below is a press release we received from Arctic Cat about its intriguing new machine. There really isn’t much new information about the vehicle (no pictures were included in the release), though it looks like it may be in dealerships within the next 12 months. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything else.


Arctic Cat showcased an unexpected ROV dubbed “Wildcat” during the close of their 2012 snowmobile dealer show in Nashville, TN.

Arctic Cat has strived to bring innovative designs and technology to their customers since 1962. With 2012 marking the brand’s 50th Anniversary, the bold off-road styling cues of the Wildcat’s bodywork coupled with its aggressive sport stance and interior suggest Arctic Cat will move to the forefront as the industry-leader in the pure sport ROV segment.

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Polaris ATV + V8 Engine = Wow! [video]
The ATV aftermarket is filled with products promising more power and improved performance. The choices are vast and performance gains can be impressive. Howe…
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Cub Cadet Unveils VTX UTV Concept at SEMA

Cub Cadet unveiled its newest concept vehicle, the Volunteer VTX side-by-side, at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Volunteer VTX features a new engine and drive train and is designed to be a versatile and transformable machine.

“Whether it’s tackling a variety of professional work-related needs, taking on extreme, challenging terrain or transporting VIPs, the new Volunteer VTX concept utility vehicle represents the epitome of both form and function, bringing high style to high performance and high capability applications,” says Jeff Salamon, director of marketing. “The essence of the new VTX concept utility vehicle is a combination of powerful utility with incredible transformability – allowing users unprecedented UTV functionality. Pushing the boundaries of the UTV as we know it, the cross-over design of the VTX opens the market to a new class of transformable Utility Vehicles.”

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How To Build Your Own ATV

We have a lot of respect for people who try to customize ATVs with parts they make themselves. Sure, they don’t always look very good and often don’t work very well, but the initiative to do it yourself is something we admire. The real go-getters, however, don’t settle for mere modifications…they actually build their own ATVs!

We stumbled across a website that is offering plans and instructions for would-be engineers to build an ATV from the ground up. As you can see from the photos, this doesn’t look like any ATV from a major manufacturer, but it is a four-wheeled off-road vehicle with front and rear suspension and that counts in our book.

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Los Angeles Lakers-Inspired ATV

If you’ve ever wondered how you can combine your passion for ATVs and professional sports, one plucky Los Angeles Lakers fan gave it the old college try.

The ATV has been given a Lakers’ purple and gold color scheme and features what appears to be a Kobe Bryant jersey on the seat. Also, the stock wheels and tires have been replaced with big shiny rims and car-type tires. It also has what look like LED brake lights and a California vanity license plate, but we’re not sure where you’d be legally allowed to ride it.

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Sand-X Tracked ATV [video]
What happens when you combine a snowmobile and an ATV? The answer, if all goes well, is the ultimate duning machine – the Sand-X T-ATV.Sand-X built the…
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Hexawheel Off-Road Concept

It’s not exactly an ATV, but if you’re looking for an off-road vehicle that can get over just about anything than take a look at the Hexawheel concept.

Designed by Iranian mechanical engineer, Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi, the three-seat Hexawheel is intended for use on the gnarliest terrain. Setting the Hexawheel apart is the flexible frame, which is united with a six-wheel layout and powered by an all-wheel drive system.

Take a look below the jump for more photos of this very cool concept vehicle.

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Urban ATV Concept
Designer Angela Martin has created a concept quad that she calls the “Urban ATV.”The compact four-wheeler is meant to be eco-friendly and is powe…
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Unique ATV Tire Bead Breaker [video]

Anybody who’s ever tried to break the bead on an ATV tire knows what a pain in can be. If we all had to put a dollar in the proverbial swear jar every time we cursed during this process we could probably start our own stimulus package.

One innovative mind found a unique solution to the problem – check out the video below the jump to see it. Of course, you’ll need to outfit your truck with a plow and hope you don’t crush your rim in the process.

If this seems a tad excessive, you could always go to your nearest tire center and pay somebody to do it. But that wouldn’t be nearly as cool and we’d all have to make fun of you for being a wuss.

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