Curtis Industries Introduces New Heavy Duty Plow

Curtis Industries has announced the release of its new heavy-duty utility vehicle plow. The plow ships fully assembled to dealers to reduce installation time and cost.

This plow is powder coated for corrosion resistance and painted in a polished silver-gray finish. It features a 72″ wide x 19″ high adjustable full-trip moldboard with 6″ double-sided cutting edge. It’s designed with a 48″ trip frame and heavy-duty springs to protect the plow and vehicle from ground obstructions.

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AIMExpo 2014: Shark Kage Multi-Use Ramp

One of the great things about walking the floor at a show like AIMExpo in Orlando, Fla. is checking out innovative products that could help a lot of people. The Shark Kage multi-use ramp falls into that category.

When we first walked by the Shark Kage booth, we didn’t think much of it. It just looked like an ordinary ramp for a pickup truck. However, what we saw next stopped us in our tracks. The ramp was quickly folded up into a bed extender…then a work table. After talking to one of the Shark Kage representatives, we were told it could also turn into a tool box and cargo cover for your truck, as well as a sun shade.

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MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator Review
MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator Review: MotoPumps Mini Pro Tire Inflator is a fantastically compact tool that is easy to carry with you and works well enough to get you and your ATV or UTV out of a bind.
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Compact and Portable Tire Inflator From MotoPumps

MotoPumps has recently made available its new Mini Pro Tire Inflator – a compact, all-in-one, 12-volt-powered air pump designed specifically for UTVs, ATVs and motorcycles.

According to MotoPumps, the Mini Pro is lightweight and easy to use. It is designed to quickly air up tires or even top off suspension components.

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Hornet Outdoors Offering Polaris Off-Road Storage Solutions

Hornet Outdoors has created products for Polaris ATV and UTV owners looking to add more storage capacity. Hornet offers products that can more than double the storage capacity of some vehicles, as well as a host of other items to help you get the most out of your machine.

Hornet’s rear cargo racks and box side rails add storage space for campers, hunters, farmers and ranchers to pack more gear. With steel tubing, one-piece welded construction, powder coat finish and tool-less installation, you can carry just about anything with you. Prices start at $149 for Sportsman ATVs, $199 for the Sportsman ACE, $399 for the Ranger and $499 for the RZR.

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BeadBuster XB-450 Review
BeadBuster XB 450 Review: Recently we had the opportunity to get our hands on a new small and very portable tool called the BeadBuster XB 450. This tool is approximately four inches square and breaks the bead on any ATV or UTV tire in a few steps.
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Best ATV Snow Accessories

If riding your ATV involves all four seasons, you’ll surely want to invest in some of the best ATV snow accessories available.

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Lynx Hooks Offers Unique Interlocking Tie-Down System

Bungee cords have long been a staple of ATV and UTV riders for tying down anything and everything. One company has set out to improve on this old-school tie-down system – Lynx Hooks.

The Lynx Hooks tie-down system, which we saw at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo, utilizes patented interlocking Lynx Hooks. These hooks interlock in two different ways: face-to‐face or front‐to‐back, creating secure tie-downs that it says are fully adjustable, versatile, flexible, and significantly safer than traditional bungee cords.

“Lynx Hooks provide sports enthusiasts with the best light utility solution for securely strapping down their gear,” says Karen Hayes, a Founder and VP of Marketing and Communications at Lynx Hooks Systems. “Whether you need a custom cargo net or just a couple of straps to do the job, Lynx Hooks are the perfect tie-downs to have in your arsenal of accessories because they’re so versatile, so safe, and so secure. Once you try Lynx Hooks, you’ll never go back to using old fashioned, frustrating bungees.”

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Diamondback HD ATV Carrier Review
Diamondback HD ATV Carrier Review: If you want to get your ATV and all your gear to the trail without having to haul a trailer around the Diamondback HD ATV Carrier may be what you're looking for.
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Fly Racing Moto Vault Roller Bag Review
Fly Racing Moto Vault Roller Bag Review: After years of hauling our ATV gear across the country in old luggage or a flimsy nylon bag we finally decided to pick up a purpose built gear bag. After doing a little on line research we went with Fly Racing's Moto Vault Roller Bag. Why did we wait so long
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Pure Video Game Review
Pure Video Game Review: Pure might just be worth the sticker price for the customization alone but when you add in some of the best looking graphics anywhere and fun game play it s a no brainer for ATV and video game fans.
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MX vs ATV Untamed, Video Game Review
MX vs ATV Untamed Video Game Review: Game play is fast and exciting which is exactly how it should be with a racing game.
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Medical Alert Device
MedFlash keychain attachment ensures information is on hand in case of emergency

A Palm City, Fla. company has introduced a new device that will make your medical history easy to access for emergency personnel in case you get hurt while out on your ATV or other powersports vehicle.

Connectyx Technologies Corp. created MedFlash, which is a simple USB storage device that can be attached to a keychain. Should you suffer a medical emergency on or off the trails, emergency personnel can access your information by plugging the Med Flash into a USB port and viewing your emergency data file.

“I think what sets the MedFlash apart from the other personal medical devices is that it’s a web portal,” Connectyx director of marketing Lisa Merkow told ”You can sync your MedFlash device with the web portal and upload and download the data so it’s always correct.”

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