It looks like a new ATV is in works from BRP for 2016 – the Can-Am Outlander MAX 1000 6X6 XT.

All we know about the vehicle is that it was certified by the California Air Resources Board (click here to see the document) and features the same 976cc Rotax engine found in the rest of the Outlander 1000 family. According to the certification document, the engine produces 82 horsepower.

Judging by its name, we assume this is a two-up version of the current Outlander 1000 6X6 XT. That model is the workhorse of the Outlander family, featuring a cargo bed that can haul up to 700 pounds and a front rack that can hold an additional 100 pounds. It also has the ability to tow up to 1,650 pounds.

Having the ability to bring an extra person with you when you’ve got to load and unload a ton of cargo is a huge benefit. You get much of the same performance you’d find in a UTV in a smaller package. In fact, the Outlander 1000 6×6 can hold more weight in its cargo bed than any Can-Am UTV.

The only other two-up ATV with a cargo bed currently on the market is the Polaris Sportsman X2 570. However, when the second seat is up in the X2, you lose much of the cargo space in the bed. As well, that bed holds 400 pounds and the engine produces 44 horsepower, compared to 700 pounds and 82 horsepower in the Outlander 6×6. On the other hand, the X2 retails for $9,699, while the Outlander 6X6 starts at $15,549 (plus about $1,000 for the two-up 6X6 MAX).

Stay tuned for more information on this and other 2016 Can-Am vehicles as we find it.



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mitchell1604 says:

I don’t see the outlander 6×6 max in the new 2016 can-am lineup. Is your source accurate?

Lucas Cooney says:

The only source is the government. The vehicle was approved by the California Air Resources Board and there is a link to the documents in story, which we got from CARB website. We suspect Can-Am will announce the Outlander MAX 6×6 1000 later in the year. However, just there are no guarantees.

mitchell1604 says:

Ok well maybe they will announce it later this year I’m ready to buy one.

Lucas Cooney says:

Out of curiosity, why a two-seat Outlander 6×6 instead of a Side-by-Side?

mitchell1604 says:

I like the 6 tires and its narrow compared to sxs. Although its 10ft long it seems like it turns pretty well from videos I have watched. Most all my trails are narrow and the last sxs I had was a pain for hauling firewood in and out of the woods.

Lucas Cooney says:

Thanks for that insight. It’s good to know what consumers are looking for in an ATV/UTV. We did a review of the one-seat Outlander 6×6 two weeks ago. You can read it here

John says:

Thanks that review is really thorough. This site is awesome tons of great atv information. I look forward to reading your articles. 

mitchell1604 says:

Lucas do you know the top speed of the outlander 6×6 1000 ? I have heard 50 mph but for the size of the engine surely it would run 60mph or more. I know it has another axle and is made for work but can am s atv are all fast. If the 1000 only runs 50 mph I would think it would be worth saving the $$$ and just get the 650 engine.

Lucas Cooney says:

I talked to the writer who reviewed the 6×6. He didn’t test top speed, as we treated it more as a Utility review, but here is what he wrote:

“The main reason I would see someone wanting the 1000 engine over the 650 is hauling power. Sure the decks may carry similar capacities but a bigger engine will pull the load around easier. Truth be known, that 650 engine is tough enough for most jobs.”

mitchell1604 says:

Thank you for the reply. For the difference in $$$ and what I would haul which is firewood mostly, I think I will  lean towards buying the 6X6 with the 650 engine. Again I thank you for the reply and this website is the most helpful site I have found. I view this site everyday and will tell all my friends how great it is .

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