After teasing the powersports world with rumors of a 500+ horsepower electric UTV, Nikola Powersports has finally released video of the new vehicle in action. The Nikola NZT looks significantly different from the original Nikola ZERO we reported on as well as what the manufacturer displayed at the Sand Sports Super Show back in 2016. Time will tell how the industry will receive an all electric UTV but at least for the time being, it appears we’re entering a new era of technology and performance which is exciting.



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  • WebberJ

    This was one of the most promising electric sports utv back then, only if I we didn’t recently purchased an ATV, we could have considered this one. Now that we are about to finish installing the new brake kit and fuel truck rims on the current Ram project, we’ll get an ATV for next project. It would be very exciting if it an electric one.

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