The innovative minds at Polaris are at it again. We recently found a patent application for what Polaris calls a Hybrid Utility Vehicle. You can see the patent application for yourself right here.

There is a lot to break down with this particular patent application, as it stretches for 75 pages. But the drawings included seem to indicate some sort of military vehicle. Specifically, the drawings look a lot like the Polaris MRZR 4.

However, the vehicle isn’t really the important part of the application. The idea of a hybrid-powered off-road vehicle is the real focus.

While a quieter hybrid vehicle could be very useful in military applications, it could also be a benefit to hunters or for people who need a UTV for work in a noise-restricted area. Of course, the issue with making a  consumer vehicle with hybrid power is the added expense.

We’ve included a few of the diagrams below, but there are many more to see in the full patent application, along with written descriptions.

Polaris Hybrid UTV MRZR Front

Polaris Hybrid UTV Diagram

Polaris Hybrid UTV Silent Drive

Polaris Hybrid UTV Charge and Drive

Polaris Hybrid UTV Cycle



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