Yamaha Wolverine X4 - West Yellowstone UTV Adventure + Video

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We handed a group of outdoor enthusiasts the keys to a Yamaha Wolverine X4 and took them on an adventure near West Yellowstone, Mont. in the Gallatin National Forest.

With off-road adventure in mind, we made the trek to Montana’s Gallatin National Forest near the town of West Yellowstone to do some UTV riding in the Yamaha Wolverine X4. And we brought some adventurous friends along to share in the experience who had never driven the machine.

“I love going camping; getting a group together and having nothing else to worry about. Just bonding with your friends,” said Erin, one of our adventure guests. “It’s so nice to have the Side-by-Side to get us into these remote locations that we could have never gotten to otherwise.”

When designing the Wolverine X4, Yamaha’s engineers made it a point to keep the cab as quiet as possible, allowing the driver and passengers to talk to each other without having to yell. This attention to detail was noticed by more than one of our guests.

“In spite of the rugged road that we were riding on, it was very, very easy to communicate with all passengers on board because the machine was so quiet,” said Clyde.

Of course, power and performance go hand-in-hand with the Wolverine X4. Off-road vehicles are meant to be fun and the X4 will put a smile on your face.

“My first impression of the X4 was just the sleek lines and then being able to get behind the wheel was the power and quickly we could get where we were trying to go,” said Cole. “And it didn’t matter what was in front of us – we were going straight through it.”

Being a four-seat vehicle, Yamaha engineers didn’t forget about the rear passengers – something our guest riders came to appreciate.

“Being in the back seat, I noticed that the seats are raised,” said Valynn. “You’re able to see everything around you. You can take in all the sights and surroundings.”

Perhaps the best thing about the Yamaha Wolverine X4 is the ability to take friends and family along for the ride to experience things together.

“I’ve been able to pass down the love of the outdoors and the wilderness to my daughters and now on to my grandchildren,” said Clyde, who’s daughter was also on this adventure. “To come out here and show her this kind of wilderness that I was used to, that I grew up with…to be able to take this type of an adventure with these machines and having this kind of view out here in the beautiful wilderness is just gorgeous. It’s just something I think we will remember for the rest of our lives.”

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