2010 AMA ATV Motocross Championship Makes Changes

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by ATV.com Staff
Supplemental rules and classes announced

The ATVPG and the ATVA, administrators of the ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship Series Presented by Parts Unlimited, have announced the Supplemental Rules and Classes for the 2010 Season. With several modifications to both the class structure and rules, these changes were made to address concerns presented by riders and industry leaders. Notable changes were made to the Women’s and Veteran 30+ classes as well as the Schoolboy Sr., while the Supplemental Rules address protest fees and stricter pit vehicle requirements.

“We had several requests to re-evaluate the Women’s class structure,” said Sam Gammon director of the ATVPG. “The Pro-Am Women’s class was suffering with many riders feeling they were not ready to be considered an A level rider when competing against their male peers, therefore the class was altered.”

In an effort to inspire growth for a premier Women’s class, the Pro-Am Women’s class has been merged with the Women’s class, and a Women’s C class has been created. The Women’s class becomes the premier class for women and will feature several of the same benefits as the former Pro-Am Women’s class, including both motos on Saturday, five laps per moto and a season ending bonus.

The Veteran 30+ classes also presented the same challenges as the Women’s; therefore a Veteran 30+ and Veteran 30+ C class were created. The Schoolboy Sr. class age will be lowered from 15 to 14 to accommodate those riders making the transition to larger machines. The addition of a 50 CVT (6-8) class, requested by many during the proposal period, will allow for riders to remain competitive on an entry level 50cc longer.

Regarding the Supplemental Rules, the protest fees demonstrate substantial changes in an effort to develop a fee structure that better represents the actual cost of tearing down a machine.

At all national events, pit vehicles and their operator(s) must be registered for a fee. All operators must be 18-years old and present a photo ID when registering their vehicle. In addition, all registered operators will be required to wear a special non-transferable wristband, indicating their ability to operate a registered pit vehicle.

To view the complete 2010 Classes: http://www.atvmotocross.com/pages/amateur-racers/2010-national-classes

To view the complete 2010 Supplemental Rules: http://www.atvmotocross.com/pages/amateur-racers/2010-supplemental-rules

The 2010 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship Series Presented by Parts Unlimited will kick off on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at the Millcreek Raceway in Pell City, Ala.

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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