Researchers Study ATV Safety for Kids Staff
by Staff
Youths account for 29% of ATV-related fatalities

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are conducting a study on ATV safety for youths.

The study will investigate the causes for severe ATV-related injuries. Kentucky regularly ranks among the top states in ATV deaths. During Memorial Day weekend, 13 ATV-related deaths were reported nationally, with four of them in Kentucky. Two of the four were 12 years old and a third was 17. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commissioner, 29% of reported ATV-related fatalities involve children younger than 16 years old from 1982-2006.

Testing began on June 9 at the school’s Wenner-Gren Biomedical Research Facility. Volunteers aged 12-15 of varying sizes participated in the first stage of the study, riding youth- and adult-sized ATVs on a platform that simulates different terrain.

Researches captured biometric data using video and motion-capture technology. With this information, researchers can create 3D models of riders under different riding conditions. These models will help assess ATV elements such as brake lever design.

Later phases of the study will examine visual perception, hazard recognition and ATV braking and steering. Staff Staff

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