William Yokley finished 170th Overall and 19th in the XC1 Pro Class today at the mudfest in Lafayette Tenn. There were 177 total entries with 20 XC1 Pro Riders. Team Rider Mark Notman finished 164th Overall and 25th in the 26 rider XC2 Pro Am Class.  Neither rider completed the race.


I was really looking forward to the race at this new facility on the schedule this year.  It is a beautiful piece of property and only about an hour from my house. Unfortunately, it rained hard off and on all week and all day Friday into Saturday. It was a real adventure just getting into the pit area; the GNCC folks were towing rigs into the parking areas, and it only got worse from there. We prepared the machines for a full blown mud and high water race.

It was a muddy day in Tennessee.It was a muddy day in Tennessee.

As the start flag dropped, everything immediately went dark with all the flying mud and water. With the conditions so bad, anything can happen and you try to just ride smart and hope you have some luck. Well, I had some luck but it was all bad! I got hammered several times from every direction, and I did my share of hammering. The end result was my battery box got smashed and bent into the frame causing the battery to short out. I wasn’t even through the first lap and the bike quit, and I could see sparks spewing out underneath. End of race.

Mark Notman had similar luck with his bike running poorly and eventually quitting due to sucking water and mud into the engine, again while on the first lap. So, we both need to forget about this race and move on the next one. We will figure out exactly what caused these problems, and try to make sure they don’t happen again. But honestly, sometimes no matter what preparation you go through, odd things can take you out. 

I feel bad for the Racer Productions Crew for all the hard work they put into making a great course, and then to deal with having to move thousands of vehicles in and out of the mess.  We head north to Somerset PA for the next race in 2 weeks. It will be a busy weekend as I will be racing both the Outlaw 450 ATV and the RZR UTV side by side machine.  See you there!

Yokley Racing Team Sponsors are: The Army National Guard, Polaris Industries, Kenda Tires, Elka Suspension, Roll Design, HMF Exhaust Systems, IMS/Roll, PURE Polaris Lubricants & Fuels, Intense Fabrication & Design, Douglas Wheel Technology, Moto Pro Training, Tire Balls, Andrews Cycle, Tsubaki Chains, IMS, Four Apparel, ASV Levers, CV4 Hoses, Hygh Octane Design, PIER Graphics, Universal Handlebars, Scott Goggles, ATVRiders.com, Hetrick Motorsports, Powermadd, and Rekluse Clutches.



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