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Mirror, Mirror, on the quad… One of the first accessories many of us install on our UTVs, regardless of the type of UTV, is a rearview mirror of some kind. These simple accessories are a mandatory part of any car or truck, and we are used to using them to drive, making it second nature for our UTVs. In fact, so many are added that you’d think the manufacturers would start including them more as standard equipment.

For now, one of the best places to go for all of your mirror needs is Moose Utility Division. With a dozen different options, Moose has exactly what mirrors you need to see more on the trail.

Mirror Mounting 101

Before selecting a mirror, you need to know exactly where you want to mount it, which can vary by machine. There are two basic places to mount mirrors. The center rear-view mirror mounts inside the cabin to the upper right of the driver, just like in your truck. These mirrors tend to mount to the cross member of the ROPS, although some can mount to the roof if your machine has a roof. It all depends on how you have your machine configured. Moose offers multiple rearview mirror options to mount to any style ROPS system, including Polaris’ Ranger, which doesn’t use standard round tubing. These mirrors can mount to be completely stationary, or adjustable. If you have a machine that is driven by multiple people, then an adjustable mirror is the way to go.

Side mirrors mount to the outer pillars of the ROPS, and there are some really cool options for how you set up your side mirrors. Just like with your truck, Moose offers side mirrors with a blind-spot monitoring mirror to help avoid accidents in high-congestion riding areas. They also offer different mounting options depending on the style of ROPS you have. The key is to look for anti-vibration mounts, which come standard on all Moose mirrors. This helps keep the mirror in place when the trails get rough.

Mirrors are not just vision accessories. They can add some extra style to your ride. Moose offers side mirrors with interchangeable accent plates that come in a range of colors for a custom look.

Light It Up

Moose Utility Division takes things to another level with two different lighted LED mirror offerings. The first option are the Moose LED Side Mirrors (part# 0640-1503). These mirrors have LED lights that produce 5,400 lumens and feature a large, viewable glass mirror and a ball pivot mount to make adjustments a breeze.

The second lighted option is the Moose Side Mirrors with LED Spot Lights (part# 0640-1381). These mirrors feature a 6063 die cast billet aluminum housing with anti-glare convex glass mirror. The integrated LEDs are used as running lights and the kit comes complete with a plug-n-play wiring harness and lighted rocker switch. Both lighted side mirror options fit 1 ¾” and 2” found tube cages.

For those looking to stay on the more budget-conscience side of things, Moose offers standard mirrors that have simple mounting solutions and a basic rear view. These mirrors are somewhat panoramic in view and offer less adjustability, but still retain the quality you’d expect from Moose.

One of the key things when considering a mirror brand is whether it will fit. Moose mirrors fit on every type of machine, be it a sport UTV, or a straight-up utility workhorse for farm use. Mirrors add a serious safety factor to your riding, whether it is on the trails, working on the farm, or screaming across the desert. You need to be able to see what is behind you, and a mirror helps. Getting one that fits right makes it an easy proposition.

About Moose

Moose started in the mid-1980s with select off-road products for cross-country motorcycle competitions. Since then, the company has expanded and branched out into every aspect of off-road with a full range of dirt bike, ATV, and UTV products for every type of machine on the trail. Learn more about Moose products and their full line of Moose UTV mirrors by going here.

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